From digging roads, to a Certified Guitar Teacher – This Is My Story

Let me Introduce you to Tony – Antonio Fernandes 

Quite a Man, he is.. If you haven’t gone over his travel, expedition then here it the link

If you haven’t gone over the beautiful poetry then please go over this . Today digging a little more into his life, as he inspired me each day. He inspires a lot of us and I am sure his story will inspire you. “It is okay to unfold life each day, as it comes your way.”

I finished off as an under achiever in school with bad grades!
I never finished high school and I never got a chance to go to college cause my parents couldn’t afford to send me.
I started digging roads as my first job in Abu Dhabi!

From digging roads, because I was a quick learner, I moved up to being a Electrical Instrumentator in a Desalination plant in Abu Dhabi! Worked for 2 years over there!

A friend discovered that I could draw well and suggested that I join the Advertising Industry. I worked free for 2 months in an Advertising Agency, just to learn the trade and the industry!

My only advantage was that I could draw well! My manager discovered that I could also write well! So I started writing for one of the leading Newspapers! Worked in that industry for 6 years.

Recession hit in 1995 and there were no jobs in Advertising agencies and computers came in! I didn’t know any graphic software at the time to get a job as a Graphic designer! I was still trying to be in the rat race not realising that my heart wasn’t in the job!

My only option was to start teaching guitar if I was gonna make ends meet! I reluctantly plunged myself into it without a formal music education or any teacher’s training under my belt!

Only when I was put into a teaching situation did I realise that I loved everything about it and that my fulfilment as a teacher was second to none!

My final job was a Guitar/ Bass/ Music teacher at Jumeriah College Dubai! I didn’t have an Music Grades under me or any formal music education to base my teaching on! I was a music teacher for 17 years.

So from digging roads to a Certified Guitar Teacher in a College is something I am proud of achieving!

He is still exploring, inspiring, traveling and doing everything that his heart say a ‘Yes’ to. If he has inspired you today, write to me. I will love to hear all about it.



Tony + Shalini.



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