Juanita by Shubhda Priyam

Do you remember this awesome shoot? If not then let me tell you all about it. This is by far my favourite dress, as I never thought I can pull this off so well. When I received this dress I clearly remember I wasn’t sure if I was going to wear this. I had hundreds of questions.

Will this suit me? Would it look good? Can I pull it off? Will I do justice to this dress?

I gathered courage and wore it, I just didn’t want to take it off. Like a child, I flaunted this dress around. I walked on the streets of Kolkata and wanted to get my pictures clicked. I have an interesting story as well. To a day when I felt nothing less than a diva when these beautiful women in the picture above, who work as house help came up to me during the shoot and told me how beautiful I look. I was overwhelmed by the gesture and I made sure to laugh a while with them.
Confident, strong, Independent women. The much-needed motivation, I look forward too. What we wear reflects who we are and this dress surely did all the justice. Honestly, this is my best shoot till date. 

Juanita by Shubhda Priyam – her dresses are breathtaking. So pretty So comfortable. A pure cotton dress, super breathable fabric. Oh also what a beautiful colour. This dress can be teamed up in many different ways. You can look different each time. You will fall in love with each one of them. Actually, bloggers don’t get weekend. It is a full-time job, and for me, I have to balance between a 9 to 5 job and blogging. Sometimes it feels too much, it feels that there is no time for myself but when brands put in their trust when designers think you will do justice with there creation. It is one of the best feelings. Wearing this dress I didn’t feel anything less than a superhuman. Felt like I was wearing my own cape.

In Conversation with Shubhda Priyam

I am Shubhda Priyam, an Indian fashion designer. I am the head designer for my fashion label, ‘Juanita’ (wah-NEE-Tah). I have worked with FDCI and Amazon fashion week designers like Anju Modi and Samant Chauhan. I adore travelling and wish to explore more.

I enjoy dressing for people. When people approach me, I suggest an outfit and they look fantastic — they’re really happy. I like knowing that someone’s happy because of what I do. Clothes should allow people to feel that they can face the world and conquer it. I also enjoy the act of creating clothes. Working with colour and fabric are still things that am passionate about.
These are must-have collections from ‘Juanita’ as per customers feedback.

Off-white jacket dress with a sleeve with frills

Bottle green gherdar kurta set

Red Mughal neck gather dress

Tobacco grey gather dress with key-hole on the neck,

Indigo blue touch neck tiered dress.

My all-time favourite designers are Anju Modi, Meera Muzaffar Ali and Alexander McQueen.

Brand USP – It’s about living in the now. Clothing can help you reinvent yourself. Your clothes are a tool that helps you get through Life’s transitions.
We source our fabric directly from weavers of Bihar and many parts of South India. As ours is mostly of Cotton and Chanderi. All our fabrics are environmentally friendly and are from the weavers themselves, handpicked, handmade and hand-woven. Natural dyes give our fabrics blissful colours. Hand embroidery is done by skilled in-house artisans.

Success Mantra – Our label is a Godsend for lovers of minimalism. The clothing is comfortable yet elegant with pure colours that resonate with your heart to bring joy and confidence. In Juanita, particular attention is paid to quality, skill, craftsmanship and care. We are empowering the person who makes these breathable fabrics that work in a variety of style.
Taking Indian weavers and Made in India to a global front.
I love rock and blues guitar music – ‘Eric Clapton’.

Quote – “Never Underestimate Yourself”.

I received a call from a customer out of a blue. I never shared my details let alone name/number. But out of her interest and influence, she contacted me and praised me for about 10 mins over the phone. I was a very kind gesture but a great boost for my work and a pat on the back.


Always making me look preetier than what I am, my all time favourite and will remain to be my most favourite Photography Partner – CrackedPot Creatives 



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