Love Quirky Jewelleries? Must visit these online stores

Are you in love with quirky jewellery?
Do you love off beat colours and patterns? Is jewellery your best friend?
Then I’m sure that this blog is meant for you. I am a regular girl who loves her jewellery, but my only condition is that these jewelleries have to be quirky. They have to be full of fun and colours. Sometimes very simple yet classy and chic.
It is a bit of everything, depending on my mood.
I do a lot of online shopping. Some of them are really affordable some of them are not. I definitely go for the most affordable ones.
To be very honest, I am not one of those persons who spends a lot of money on shopping. I look into quality quantity and creativity. If all this three things are in what I am buying hell ya! I will burn my pocket for sure. Here is my top favourite jewellery brands that I have stumbled upon over a period of time now. I really love each of their collection and I would like you to try it out for yourself.

Definitely, my most favourite is

Nakhrewaali – I love every jewellery from Nakhrewaali I cannot tell you how beautiful every piece they make. You got to check out Nakhrewali for the most creative innovative earrings that you can gift yourself. Honestly, I have been following them for over a year and more. I have checked out everything but I haven’t got myself any yet. I don’t know I don’t have a specific reason why I haven’t bought myself a pair of Nakhrewaali, maybe because it is very difficult to choose my most favourite. Nakhrewaali is an addiction and I am trying to still stay away from purchasing my favourite piece from Nakhrewaali but don’t be a fool like me go get your Nakhra’s today from Nakhrewaali.

next krutiarts – it is an online shop from Gujarat and they have the most innovative way of putting traditional stuff into your wardrobe. The earrings are handcrafted hand painted, their neckpiece is inspired on themes like Madhubala, Raasleela, Kathakali, Mela and much more. Each one of these pieces is inspired by Indian culture. Recently they launched their new collection call Ear candies. I did get my hands on a few of their products. I am absolutely in love with their collection.

Jinis jewellery – surely she is one of my favourites and I am in love with her collection. She is also one of the sweetest people I know and she creates magic. She brings to you these everyday fashion at a very reasonable price. She designs this jewellery all by herself. She even inspires me on a personal level. I have an endless number of pieces of jewellery from jinis jewellery and if you go through her Instagram profile you will fall in love with her creation. From oxidized jewellery to paper jewellery she makes it all. If you’re looking for some beautiful daily wear you need to check it out.

sporshobymandira– she brings to you authentic Jewellery from all around India. You don’t have to go to the Northeast to get yourself a pair of northeast Indian jewellery. As for her, she has been showcasing jewellery from different corners of India. Sporsho by Mandira is not only a jewellery brand but she also brings authentic handcrafted sarees and dupattas. She is trying to make a difference in the craftsmen’s life by bringing them directly to you. They as a team, as a brand follows the mantra of “Know who makes your clothes.” They are trying to keep the art and culture alive in our life.

Houseofkrishnv – I got my hands on this brand, while I was in Mumbai. honesty when my PR box arrived I was in a hostel a travel hostel and a lot of people were around me when I open the parcel, trust me they all went crazy just like I did. Why? For the designs so unique and each one of them were handcrafted. The patterns and designs were so new something that I have not seen before. I wore them, I flaunted them and surely I am in love with the two beautiful pieces that I own from this brand.

sompeedle – I only have a brooch, but this brand is a treat to the eyes. Each of these products that she creates is a bomb of colours. I love how they mix and match different shapes and make each of them look so artistic. Their collection is definatly very hatke. Her workshop is based in Santiniketan, Bolpur West Bengal. She even makes bags as well as home decor items like upholstery, curtains, cushions, mattresses, wall hangings and other gift items. – this account is magical, I love how they customise hand-embroidered pieces of jewellery. It stands out for its uniqueness. You will be blown away by the creativity that they bring forward in each of the pieces they make. I love how they play with colours in terms of these sequences flowers and thread. Some of you must be really happy to know that they also specially customise pet portraits on request. My most favourite piece from this brand is the blue elephant, the green and bluebird and so on.

petalsbyswathi – want some traditional Pieces of jewellery. They are located in Hyderabad but once you start following them they will start locating in your heart. Every piece has a very traditional look to it, so if you are looking for something traditional you need to check this Instagram store out and follow them for some amazing deals.

sajjaa_byshreyasi – this brand from Calcutta is making its way in too many hearts and there is a very valid reason for it. This brand loves to play with colours and designs and patterns. Each time they come up with something new something very quirky. They make fashion look so simple and easy.

creyons_ – Crazy for silver pieces of jewellery. This is one of the must-follow Instagram accounts according to me. I don’t own any of the pieces from them yet but I am planning to get my hands on a few of them. I have been planning this from a really really long time but the problem is that each one of them is so beautiful that it is the most difficult task to choose a few from it. Have a look and you will know what exactly I am talking about. I drool over this Instagram account each time I crave for something in silver or in oxidize.

This is a nonsponsored post. These are my favourite, Hope you will also like them let me know what you think and in case you have any suggestion do let me know regarding the same.



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