About Me

Hi, I’m Shalini, A storyteller from India. Born and brought up in the city of Kolkata, West Bengal. I’m a traveller and food micro-blogger by heart.

Started my career at the age of 16 thinking that while I finish college I would have lots of money to travel. Such a childish plan I tell you!

I have been volunteering at different NGOs, like Save The Children, Leprosy Mission since my school days. The urge to learn new things every day keeps me on my toes and always highly motivated. Then I started working in the corporate, life felt trapped inside the cubical so I decided to quit and take up a job in the media industry. I was doing pretty well spent about 10 months as an assistant director in a media production house in Kolkata. Then took a break and moved over to Hyderabad worked for 3 months. As they say, I got addicted to travelling couldn’t stop myself, kept rolling from one city to another.

My next stop was Mumbai, I have worked in Mumbai for almost 6 months now and it hit me hard that I feel suffocated. All I always wanted to do was to travel, budget travels all over India, and experience beautiful India and share the best of it… I love to explore with the locals and write stories about real people, I try to bring out different things that identify the true meaning of life. Pushing my limits each day. Apart from my everyday learning from life, I am 23 years old currently working towards my Master’s degree in Child Psychology.

Hope you’ll enjoy the journey we are about to head out on…

My blog is all about how I decided to follow my heart and started my journey to be my own boss. How I bring inspiring stories to you from my everyday walks of life, as there is so much to learn. How I dared to dream even when I knew that I belonged from a middle-class family. I am all ready to chase my dream, to be a budget traveller and explore my country India.

My blog is all about places to travel to India, what to eat while in India and surely where to shop from.

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