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Hi, I am back with another series from ZEE5 and I am more than happy to review this episode trust me as I say that this episode is extremely close to my heart and I have been binge-watching it over and over again. Churails the web series, it is a Exclusive series.

ZEE5 Zindagi Original web series starring actors like – Sarwat Gillani, Mehar Bano, Nirma Bucha, and Yasra Rizvi. When I started watching this series, it felt like I was watching Charlie’s Angel. I have been a huge fan of the movie Charlie’s Angel and I have watched the movie quite a several times.

I love Women Oriented movies series and documentaries. As it gives a lot of strength and courage to be able to speak up. This web series has been something on a very similar stream of thoughts. It is about a bunch of amazing fearless, feisty, feminist. This series shows a woman’s real strength and Encounters it’s yours with the right kind of ability that a woman has from a very close and a broader perspective. Churails is directed by Asim Abbasi.

There are only 10 episodes, which I have been very disappointed with because I want to watch more of such shows. Based in Karachi four women decide to take revenge on the men who made their life miserable.

It’s very engaging and full of drama. All these four women are very different from each other. Usually, women are supposed to stay quiet and cry their heart out when things don’t go the right way. That is what society expects from us, the most typical way of expressing one’s feelings.

But these women chose to fight and walk onto a journey of adventure and teach a lesson for life to people who often take women for granted. They wanted to make sure that these men realise their mistakes and feel the pain and that they once or more than once cause a woman thinking that they are the weakling and can be dominated at any point of time. which has been one of the darkest truths of society around the globe.

when these four women came together with their own set of baggage, they have also been different from each other, but one thing that was common in them is their thoughts to fight for what is right.

They sarcastically named themselves ‘Churails’ after all women who have an opinion and want to stand up for themselves this is what the society called them. A frequently used word to describe opinionated women. Honesty, I think it is ok to just admit the fact #MainChurailHoon If that is the only way a woman can get their feet on the ground and speak up regarding all the issues of hatred and suffering that they experience in their lifetime of being a woman. The performance of the entire cast has been terrific. Each actor had poured out their Heart and Soul into you doing their parts right.

I don’t want to disclose and Describe these characters in detail as I rest assured if you watch this series you just love it. This series also has some terrific songs and upbeat music which will keep you thrilled till the end. Each episode is about 1 hour, but time will fly when you start watching it.

The line ‘Mard ko dard hoga’, is very catchy and has been frequently used in the series. They promised this to each other and they made sure that they delivered their promises at the end of the series.

Churails is streaming on ZEE5. What are you waiting for?

Start watching the Episodes of Churails from today and let me know what you think about it. I can’t wait to hear your feedback regarding the same.

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