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Skincare is an important part of self-care, It is very important to choose the right beauty products the one which suits your skin, selecting brands that use only organic ingredients for their products. Deyga is one such brand, known for its organic beauty products made of pure natural ingredients, crafted with love and ensuring complete safety of the skin.

I have used many Deyga beauty products as I always believe in organic and sustainable beauty products. I have seen a huge difference in my skin when I added Deyga’s beauty products to my skincare routine.

Rose and Mulethi skin brightening pack

Deyga’s Rose and Mulethi skin brightening pack has become an integral part of my skincare routine. I am in love with the heavenly fragrance of this skin-brightening pack and my skin looks more vibrant and nourished after using it a few times. The organic ingredients of the pack rose, skin cherishing oils, oatmeal and mulethi have helped in the rejuvenation of my skin and added a bright glow to my happy face. I have started using it 3-4 times a week, I have followed the usage steps and gently massaged my skin with a brightening pack mixed with a few drops of milk, I felt an instant freshness and radiance. Try this amazing organic beauty product and feel the joy of glowing skin.

Under Eye Cream

As I travel continuously, sometimes have sleepless nights during transit to retain the beauty of my eyes I tried Deyga’s Under eye cream, the blend of many essential oils including almond and Vitamin E oil has worked big time and reduced eye pigmentation and as I continued using this eye cream my dark circles have disappeared in few days. Gentle massage around the eyes with under eye cream improves blood circulation and makes my eyes feel relaxed after a tiring day. I have decided to explore other Deyga’s beauty products as I could see good results. Eyes speak the words which we cannot convey through our voice, so let’s try to shield the beauty of our eyes. Order your Under-eye cream now at

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Ylang Ylang Mist

Ylang Ylang is known for its aroma and is widely used for relaxation. Deyga’s Ylang Ylang mist is made from the stem of Ylang Ylang. On the long days at work and travel it’s so important for me to keep my skin hydrated and maintain a balance between oily and dryness of the skin. I have started using Ylang Ylang mist to protect my skin from dryness and I felt a sense of freshness and relaxation by applying it to my face. It’s a unique beauty product and the best part is it can be used as a hair care product too. Try this amazing product and indulge in the divine aroma. Add Ylang Ylang to your cart soon

Beautifying Serum

Deyga’s Beautifying serum is one of the best serums I have used in recent times. I applied the serum with a gentle pat on my face and left it overnight and my skin has shown great improvement in a few days. Sometimes my face becomes dull and tanned due to hectic days at work, but the beautifying serum has restored the charm of my face with bright skin and reduced pigmentation of my skin. It is a great combination of essential oils like Moringa oil and Kukui oil which help in preventing ageing and also removes dark circles. Add Deyga’s Beautifying serum to your skincare routine and experience amazing results. Check it out at

Face & Body Exfoliator

Deyga’s face and body exfoliator is a combination of many organic and natural ingredients like neem, lemon and few essential oils which rejuvenate the skin. I have used it for a few days as per the usage steps but couldn’t see the results as expected. I felt it was not the best fit for my skin but again it depends on the type of skin as well. You can give it a try if you feel the ingredients of the exfoliator works for your skin.

So check what would suit best for you from – Deyga product and write to me in the comment section below.



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