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App developers truly understand what Benjamin Franklin meant by saying “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” We live in an age where knowledge knows no bounds and access to it is practically free. So we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite apps that promise to be both engaging and educational for your child. Here is a

List of few :

Seek – If your kid loves being outdoors and has been collecting Pokemons, chances are he’ll love this app too. Collect badges like ‘Naturalist’ and ‘Surveyor’ as you scan plants and animals in your surroundings and learn about which genre or sub-genre they belong to. You can share them online and compare them with sightings by other members. Seek is presented by Our Planet and WWF and created by the iNaturalist team. iNaturalist is a joint initiative of the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society. While the app does ask permission to turn on-location services, it is obscured to respect your privacy while still allowing species suggestions from your general area. Your precise location is never stored in the app, so it’s safe for kids to use. For ages 3+

Crafts for Kids by RStream Labs – Boost your big kid’s creativity and discover simple, engaging ideas like toilet paper roll craft or making things with clay, handmade cards and bookmarks, recycling projects and more in this easy-to-follow app. While this one is for kids over 12, ‘Learn Crafts and DIY Arts’ is for kids aged 3+.

Duolingo – This free language learning app offers more than 50 languages, so you can translate from English to German or even from Hindi to English. It has exercises in a quiz format for the beginner or advanced levels so it’s a great tool for both students and teachers. If you want to teach your house to help some basic English or learn a third language yourself, give it a try. You can discuss your progress or problems on the in-app forum and listen to the correct pronunciation of words or search them in the dictionary. Also, check out Duolingo’s flashcards called ‘Tiny Cards.’ For ages 3+.

Masha and the Bear by AppQuiz – Learn to play the drums, solve simple math and pattern puzzles, colour in a picture, play word games, memory games and more, all in a single app. Masha, a girl who is cared for by a bear and other animals friends like the tiger, wolf, penguin, squirrel and hare, teaches about friendship and builds EQ too. Entertaining and attractive, these character-based games are a hit with Mkids worldwide.

Astronomy for Kids Space Game by Vito Technology – Astronomical facts, all about celestial bodies, movies and quizzes about space, games and an encyclopaedia. Everything you need for your journey through space is on this app. It’s especially great for pre-readers too because of the easy navigation, engaging animation and commentary. Also, check out Vito Technology’s ‘Solar Walk 2 – Spacecraft 3D & Space Exploration’ – a whole list of missions and spacecraft models, an astronomical event calendar and a detailed study of the universe in real-time. Suggested for ages 5+

RBhasha Hindi by 2S Holdings – Speaking of cool graphics, this app for beginners is the ideal way to learn Hindi. It shows you how to write the alphabet correctly, learn the usage of ‘mantras’ and improves vocabulary by teaching simple words with the help of pictures. Ideal for kids aged 3-8.



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  1. Love this!! It can be so hard to keep children constantly entertained. It’s important to supplement their silly play time with constructive and educational play also.

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