Greenwoods Resort – Thekkady, Kumily

I am here to talk about the awesome trip that I took to Kerala recently and the amazing things that I have done. But for now, I am just going to talk about Greenwoods Resort, Thekkady that I have visited. So I would just get started with it not losing a minute. I was staying in Ottapalam, which is in Palakkad district. So, I decided to take a train from Ottapalam to Kottayam. I thought I could figure out the way on my own, but thanks to a friend of mine who decided to come along with me on a bike and decided to travel to Thekkady. Yes, of course, it is because it is one of the craziest things that I could do and that definitely got added in my list. But it was all worth it. We crossed miles and miles of Spice plantations and Pineapple plantations but mostly Rubber Plantations. We could take the risk of riding through off roads as my friend knew Malayalam and it was an advantage for me as we could explore so much more, we could stop at local shops and have tea or just go to a randomly closed restaurant to use the washroom and much more. I couldn’t have done it all by myself if I didn’t have him as my guardian angel.

We started at about 6 o’clock from Ottapalam and we reached at Greenwoods, Thekkady. Let me tell you that I was pretty shocked on reaching there because when I saw the pictures on the internet it looked like a place close to nature and I thought it would be somewhere isolated. But to my surprise, it was in the middle of a city which happens to be near the Kerala and Tamil Nadu border.

When we went inside I was completely awestruck. We were welcomed in a very traditional way with tikas, necklaces made of cardamoms, warm towels and also we were given herbal tea for refreshment. We were completely attended and assisted by most of the staff in the Reception area.

One of the important parts that I should mention is that they gave me a call at about 10 a.m. for they knew that I would be checking in a little early, to find out where I am and informed me that in cases if I need any assistance, they would help me every possible way. I think this was one of the best and kindest gestures that I could ask for or even think about. So, I would give 100 marks on the hospitality that they had to offer.

But I just got started. So, wait for more surprises coming up on your way.

After getting done with all the formalities, we were escorted to our room ‘Indeevaram’ Premium Pool Suite I could barely standstill. I am going to show you the pictures and then you can decide for yourself why I just couldn’t standstill.

I kept jumping around the entire room. There was a huge bedroom along with a living room, a small bathroom and also a huge bathroom leading the way from the master bedroom to the pool. I am a pool-baby so I got extremely excited to have a pool of my own.

I was super hungry. So, just after checking in and freshen up a little bit, I rushed to the restaurant. There was a huge Buffet. I don’t remember exactly what I had eaten because I was so hungry that I grabbed everything possible. And they all tasted so good that I stuffed myself with food. I could barely move after that.

I needed a walk so I decided to go about and around the properties and have a look. Even though it was sunny, it was a bit chilly in Thekkady due to the ambience. The properties were so well kept. I walked among a collection of exotic trees from around the world. They have over 30 types of exotic trees at the Greenwoods Resort’s property. The thing that attracted me the most was their Zero Waste practice. Throughout our stay, we didn’t come across a single plastic, even the disposal bags were made out of paper and the guests there are generally provided with a sturdy paper bag.

We were handed activity booklets. After getting some rest, I strolled around the property again as I couldn’t have enough of it. the resort provided various activities throughout the day. Around 6 in the evening, there was a cooking demonstration and I got to learn some Kerala special veg and non-veg dishes. I would share the recipe with all of you later some time- so, wait up for it. After the cooking demo, there was a break of 15 minutes and then and we went for the Thekkady Show and learnt about Periyar Tiger Reserve. the documentary gave us a lot of insights regarding the Tiger Reserve. and you would be happy to know that the resort is located just 10 minutes away from the Tiger Reserve. After the documentary, there was a performance by a little girl. she performed Bharatanatyam and Kathakali for us. she was stunning and very graceful. It was one of the best performances. Later, I met her and I hugged her.

A lot a few know that wherever I go, my first choice is the desserts in a buffet. So, at dinner, after checking out everything I grabbed my plate and asked for starters that they had at the live counter.

The buffet service came with plenty of choices. We started with a starter platter and a plate full of desserts. Yes! That’s me. For the main course, I had had Kerala Paratha, with Grilled Fish. I also did not miss the Pasta. I had a plate full of different items.

After finishing my dinner, I walked around the woods before I reach out to my bed and call it a night.

The next morning when I woke up it was foggy. I can’t tell you how beautiful it looked. I made myself a cup of tea and started near the pool. I wrote some poems because it was so peaceful. I could think and utilise my time doing what I love the most. The birds kept chirping around and it sounded so melodious. After an hour or so, I decided to freshen up to get ready and head towards getting my breakfast plate. I was so glad to see chicken sausages tossed in different Herbs it smelt delicious. I am a big fan of English breakfast. So, as obvious, I got myself scrambled eggs, baked potatoes, and of course, the sausages, toasted Brown bread and a bowl full of fruits. As some would say, I truly eat my breakfast like a king. I also treated myself once again with a plate full of desserts like plain cake, strawberry cake and some muffins along with a glass of fresh juice.

There was a mix of South Indian and Continental food every single day.

I came back from Kerala almost twice the size I went and I don’t even regret a bit of it. So, here is the list of things that Greenwoods Resort, Thekkady has to offer in terms of Sightseeing, in terms of different kinds of rooms and much more.

Things that Greenwoods Resort have to offer –

They have about 36 rooms altogether 36rooms

1st category Standard – 9 rooms

2nd, Kanana- 18 rooms

3rd, Ritika- 2rooms (pool)

4th, Amaravati- 4 rooms

5th, Indeevaram- 2 rooms (pool)

6th Indraprastham- 1room, the Indraprastha (Presidential pool suite): furnished with antiques and comes complete with a pool and a Jacuzzi.

They also have a Treehouse.

The different Resort facilities are:

  • Pickup and Dop-off available, as per the guest needs.
  • Doctor on call.
  • Safety deposit locker.
  • Great Wi-Fi connection in all the rooms.
  • Children’s play area.
  • Mini gym for all the gym lovers
  • A common swimming pool with a kids pool attached to it.
  • A business centre and a conference hall.

I hope that I’m not missing out on mentioning any other facilities.

There is so much to see and experience. I loved every second that I spent in the Greenwoods.

A special mention about the staff once again: “I am thrilled with the experience that I had received from your end. each one of you has been so humble and loving. you all justified the word hospitality. I am grateful to each one of you for making this trip and my stay so much better than I could think of. thank you so much for making me feel loved every single day and attending to Baseless demands regarding green tea and honey. each one of you has a special place in my heart. and now that I am back I’d miss seeing your happy faces each morning each afternoon and each night. best wishes to each one of you at Greenwoods Resort.”

Have you ever felt so close to nature where you will see monkeys enjoying themselves along with you? Where you will hear the exotic birds singing songs for you in the morning where you will sit and have your breakfast while the fog surrounds you? Well, I experienced it all and I experienced it at the Greenwoods Resort, Thekkady. I would recommend all of you to visit the place because each one of us deserves to treat ourselves.

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