Love And More

Love And More


I can’t get you out of my mind
In my dreams, I think about you
There are days when I can’t go on
The thought of wanting you is strong
You make my heart want so much
I cry in my sleep because I’m not enough alone!


Silently I stand there and wait
There’s nothing I can do, to shake the blues
If only I was enough, if only I could show you
How serious I am, when it comes down to you.


You took my heart, you put these feelings inside me
I never knew I could feel that way,
I’m not sure how to act, not sure what I should do
Just know one thing, I honestly, without a doubt, love you.
I know you see things differently, please try and understand
It’s breaking my heart, I’m trying to move on, I need your hand.


I’m such a mess, I just don’t know anymore what to do, anymore
I’m so in love with you, there’s nobody else, and it’s tearing me apart
You mean everything to me, silence and distance caught my way.
My heart is delicate and kind, my heart will be yours, you will continue to be mine.



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