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Dhruti Mehta,

the Founder of Love Doodle has always been passionate about unique experience gifts.

Love Doodle started on 18th January 2016, Initiated with the aim of helping people create memories for life, Love Doodle believes in giving the best customer experiences. It has been an amazing journey so far.
So the first event that was hosted by love doodle was on Valentine’s Day.
‘Cook for Your Woman’, organized  5 couples all the men cooked a three-course international meal under the guidance of a Celebrity Chef. Since then, Love Doodle has been offering lovely experiences to a number of individuals, couples, and groups.
In conversation with the founder –
– Something about me:
I am a first generation entrepreneur and founder of Love Doodle. Come from a family where career is given the first preference. Being an extrovert, confident person, I was encouraged at every step by my family to step out there and give my best. That could be in studies, cultural activities, or even helping people out. I was always out there. From my parents to my life partner I have been lucky to have people who have pushed me and in fact helped me see my own strengths and make my life choices keeping those strengths in mind. Come from a service background born and brought up in Bombay. Completed my graduation in Commerce and post graduation in law. My legal career was spread across 10 years of litigation and corporate legal experience with industries like FMCG, Investment Banking, Oil & Gas EPC, Media, Entertainment & VAS. 
– How did I start this business and what lead me into this business: 
Well, this business is more of passion that I and my husband have towards creating special memories on every occasion/celebration. So from having a private bungalow Vineyard stay in 2009 to an experience of being driven in the car of Royals “Rolls Royce”; from spending time with friends over pottery to staying in a 100-year-old heritage village property with the owner they have added life and memories to each celebration. So in January 2016, the passion was turned into a full-time venture and the quirky venture with a catchy name Love Doodle was born. The intent of Love Doodle is spreading happiness and bringing back emotions to people lives and celebrations which is our Founder’s biggest inspiration. In today’s day and age, life has become very fast and everything is technology driven, but the human element is missing and we are bringing the same back.
– What got me to actually start this business are two things:
a. A mundane job which definitely paid very well but came with more stress and less job satisfaction made me think whether I should continue with this or do something more meaningful. With immense support from my husband, a bold decision came to leave my job and start something of my own which was not only passion driven but was the need of the hour for everyone.
b. A very dear friend who was also our business mentor with whom a coffee discussion meet lead to starting of Love Doodle.
– What are your plans: 

Our focus area this year is to provide corporate with employee engagement and client retention solutions through our experiential gifting which will grow a stronger bond between the company and employee/client and in turn leads to loyalty and long relationship. Plus we intend to start operations in three more cities. Our long term goal is to be a complete solution provider for gifting and rewards and redemption but with the touch of experience which makes that particular day or reward meaningful and imprints a memory in the heart for life. 

– What is your speciality: 
Love Doodle is a new-age gifting company which is replacing the traditional and boring gifts with exciting and unique experiences and handpicked products. The venture commenced operations on 18-January-2016. It started with the pure vision of making celebrations special, emotionally connecting and more meaningful through experiences and yes there is a special segment of Customized Experiences for people who only love tailor-made things.
We are proud to have more than 50 experiences and activities which people can choose from to gift or experience within the city of Mumbai. From surprising people at 12 am with a Singing Telegram to Song Recording session at a studio; from A Romantic Star Gazing session to adrenaline-filled Adventure and Team Building Activities; and from Art Tours to Masterchef challenges we have an array of offerings.

Love doodle also offers Adventure activities like – Trekking, Rappelling (water and mountain), White Water Rafting, Star Gazing, Camping, Traversing / Hiking, Paramotoring, Paragliding



other than that they also have romantic getaways and celebrations like – Helicopter Joyride, Dinner Date on Yacht, Spa Experience,  Acoustic Musical, Acrylic Painting etc



outdoor games like – Telly Games, Sumo Wrestling, Freestyle Football, Segway experience, Soapy Football, Glow Cricket and many more.



You can know more about them, on their website and also follow them on Instagram.



Instagram: @lovedoodleindia


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