Myths About Weight loss

The weight loss journey is always exciting but sometimes we get overwhelmed with food cravings and the extensive information available on the internet confuses us with what to follow and what to ignore.

There are a lot of myths around-consuming diet supplements, weight loss equipment available in the market, low-fat foods, and so on. Let’s break down a few myths about weight loss with some interesting facts about food and Nutrition.

Diet supplements might help in your weight loss journey, but they are not a replacement for nutrients, vitamins, and most importantly physical exercise. Usually, diet supplements have side effects, and they are not a quick fix for weight loss.

There is a misconception in the products labelled as ‘Low fat’, these products might have reduced fat amounts which are sometimes compensated with added sugars and salt that increase our weight. It is always a good idea to check the quantity and type of ingredients while buying packed foods and diet supplements.

The widely acknowledged myth about weight loss is skipping breakfast or meals helps in weight loss. Skipping meals increases your cravings for food and we might consume a large amount of food in the next meal. Having proper nutritious food at the right time and in the right quantity is of utmost importance to lose weight and stay healthy. According to the research conducted over the past few years, it was observed that skipping breakfast results in overweight and other health issues.

We all believe Zero Sugar consumption helps in weight loss, but can you imagine a life without desserts and chocolates! it’s nothing less than a punishment for yourself by yourself and there are high chances of binge eating on the desserts and ending up gaining weight. Moderation and consuming sugar consciously actually help in weight loss.

We all assume drinking water helps in weight loss but in reality, water is not directly related to weight loss. It keeps your tummy filled but doesn’t reduce weight.

While following a diet plan we often resist consuming carbohydrates thinking they cause weight gain but the fact is foods that are high in carbs are very healthy. Refined carbohydrates like refined sugar are linked with weight gain. It is important to have a track of the type of carbohydrates we are consuming and accordingly plan the diet and workouts.

Avoiding all types of fats to lose weight is absolutely a myth. Fat also has essential nutrients but it is crucial to limit the fat quantity to avoid extra calories. Consider the intake of healthy fats such as olives, nuts, and avocados.

Being a vegetarian makes you lose weight!!!

Following a vegan diet, you might miss out on vital nutrients and of course the taste of Biryani and seafood!

We also have so many myths around a physical activity like doing a lot of cardio will result in quick weight loss

Tons of information on weight loss and diet plans often misleads our fitness regime however the connection between food, weight, and body is quite complex to understand and mostly depends on the individual body type that cannot be generalized, so the ideal way of being fit would be being consistent with good food habits and regular workouts. Always choose evidence-based lifestyle changes to get long-lasting results. All the facts boil down to a single point: What works for your body and what doesn’t!

Stay safe Stay healthy.



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