Raksha Bandhan| A Time To Celebrate The Special Bond Between Siblings

Brother and sister share a very unique and special bond, they are partners in crime, birds of a feather, and above everything they are Friends Forever who always have each other’s back. The warm hugs, being there for each other in tough times, fighting hard behind closed doors, and re-uniting real quick all these little joys and memories must be cherished and celebrated every day. Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious occasion to celebrate the remarkable bond of brother and sister. Tying Rakhi to her brother brings a responsibility to protect and stand by her. It is also believed that rakhi comes as a blessing and tying rakhi is offering a prayer asking for prosperity and happiness for her brother and this timeless ritual ends with a surprise gift to sister by her brother.

As the season of Rakhi is around the corner, all brothers gear up to surprise your sweet and adorable sisters with gifts.

These gifts are indeed an appreciation for her selfless love and an expression of gratitude. We often step back to express our inner feelings to our siblings but Raksha Bandhan gives you a chance to speak your heart out about your bond and how they mean to you, pair this adorable note with an amazing gift.

Gifts can be anything but the intention behind the gift and the efforts you put to find the right and useful gift go a long way. Every gift is a precious one and always be close to heart. Every girl loves to take care of her skin and just a compliment that your skin is glowing will make her day. Presenting the beauty products which make her skin brighter would be probably the best gift and when she uses these Bath & Body skin essentials you are part of her everyday routine even if you are miles apart. Bryan and Candy allow you to order skin and body care essentials for your sister with just a click.

Bryan and Candy have complete range of body care essentials specially formulated by experts to get healthy clear skin. Especially the combos from Bryan and Candy are super exciting, they cover everything in a single pack. The combo kits are available in four varieties with different organic ingredients, You can pick your favorite combo among Strawberry, Cocoa Shea, Green tea, and orange. These combos will be perfect to pamper yourself and also would be great for gifting your loved ones. Trust me they will thank you for these amazing products.

The combo includes body wash made of natural products strawberry and wild figs, it keeps you fresh throughout the day. The moisturizer can be a soothing lotion that protects you from harsh weather and also enriches the quality of your skin. Bryan and Candy’s body polish is a perfect exfoliator and enhances the charm and shine of the skin.

With all these amazing products, the combo also has Fluffy and soft loofah to pamper your skin. When used along with shower gel It exfoliates dead cells and dirt adding glow to your skin. Check out their online store to know more about the wide range of skincare products and their formula.

Let the day begin with shower gel and nourishing your skin with lotion and body polish. Bryan and Candy’s brings a happy vibe every morning with the essential skincare products and gifting this would feel like presenting good vibes to your sibling. Fill your life with love and care with gifts and blessings always. Happy Raksha Bandhan!



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