Simlipal Tiger Reserve

Similipal forest is a tiger reserve National Park which is situated in Orissa Mayurbhanj district this forest is a protected area as this place includes Similipal tiger reserve which is about to 2750 kilometre. Kuldiha wildlife sanctuary 272.75km Hadgarh wildlife sanctuary 191.06 km. Similipal National Park is the second-largest National Park in India the name is derived from a tree named Semul  (red silk cotton tree). There is also a very beautiful river flowing called Palpala… 

This place is surrounded by hills,  waterfall, small streams and stunning landscape. There are also small tribal villages around this place. I was mesmerized by the picture is a Rocky backdrop at Devkund and Sita Kund these are the famous waterfalls around this area. 

Talking more about Similipal forest the unique feature of this forest is the flora and fauna the biodiversity of this forest have both the elements from the Western Ghats and Eastern Himalayas. This is the tiger reserve to have black melanistic tigers. This landscape supports more than 1300 plant species94 species of orchards. There are also more than 362 species of bird considered to be e one of the best bird watching places in India. Divide altitude and climatic variation of Similipal supports a fantastic faunal composition making it a house for more than 55 species of mammals, 62 species of reptiles and 21 species of amphibians and much more. 

Similipal has the largest population of elephants in Orissa within a range of 80 to 20 kilometre inside the forest you will get to see Indian Bison different species of Deer like Sambar, Barking deer and Mouse deer. Carnivorous animals like Leopard, Cat wolf, Jackal, Tiger is commonly found. Reptiles like the Crocodile are present in the river or stream flowing your Similipal snakes like King Cobra, Common Cobra, Viper and many more easily spotted around the water bodies. As I mentioned earlier that this place is the heaven for bird watchers –  Birds like grey Hornbill Hill, Myna, Parakeets, Junglefowl etc is spotted all around. 

The forest department and the tribal villages around this place take care and maintenance of the natural habitat with peace and harmony. Some other places to look around near this area are Uski waterfall a vintage building from Maharaja time,  a watchtower known as Barehipani from which you can view the largest waterfall which is about 217 mt… Some other waterfalls are Joranda 181mt which also can be watch and observed from the watchtower.  Sitakunda Devkund is open throughout the year for tourist to come and enjoy the beautiful Similipal forest. There are facilities for staying checking and ancient place of worship near these areas.

There are also two picnic spots Manchabandha and Lulung. There is a beautiful resort in the midst of the forest, Lulung Aranya Nivas Resort the only resort in this area is surrounded by the stunning landscape of forest and hills it is a brilliant escape for nature and adventure lovers. Here is the blog about the resort – Lulung Aranya Nivas | Similipal Forest Reserve

There is 2 entry gate for Similipal tiger reserve one is from Kalyani which is approachable from the Shahpur town about 25 kilometres away from Baripada town. Baripada is well connected as it is on national highway number 18. It is easily accessible from Kolkata Balasore and Bhubaneswar by road and rail. The Other entry point is from the Shahpur which is on national highway number 49  which is also well connected from Kolkata and Jamshedpur.

This place is open to tourist from November 2 June but some areas are open for all season. You have to take permit to visit this place permit counters open between 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. at Jashipur counters. These counters open every morning but it is on first come first served as maximum of 35 vehicles are allowed to enter in a day entry is only permitted for 4 wheelers registered guide is supposed to accompany you during your ride inside the forest. 

You should also mention silent and discipline as it is a house of nature you should not tease any animal or disturb the Flora and Fauna. You cannot travel inside the forest without a registered guide you cannot take plastic all litter the place after sunset you are not allowed inside the forest as the exit Gate closes by 6:00 p.m. 
I have personally visited this place and fell in love with all that this place has to offer.  India is beautiful in its way. It has so much to explore that I possibly can’t put it in words. Please be careful regarding mosquito, ticks and leeches inside the forest and take the required precautions for the same. Orissa has a lot to offer, Similipal is one of the best so far according to me. If you stay around Orissa or in India and haven’t been visited Simlipal forest  I am sure you are missing out on a lot. 

I was overwhelmed that this article was also featured in one of the leading newspaper in India – Deccan chronical

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