The 3 Types Of Grip & The 8 Ways To Train Them

We know you’re a fitness freak, so you are here to read this blog.
When you’re on a fitness journey, your first and foremost task is to strengthen your grip but now it has become the most underrated thing. People directly jump into the core strengthening process
with poor grip and end up with hand pain, injury, and demotivation.

Thus it is mandatory to start with grip strengthening exercises with medium resistance. You need to use your hands in every step of fitness exercises like deadlift, pull up exercise, playing football, climbing the rock, even if you’re not a sports person, you also must have strong grip to carry a briefcase, heavy bag, open tight lid of a container, unscrew the door knob, (even for a good handshake).

Your handshake shouldn’t feel like overcooked spaghetti, instead a firm handshake makes your personality pretty impressive.

We have total three types of hand grip

The Crush grip: It comes in between your fingers and the palm of your hand. We use the crush grip for handshake, or when anything needs to crush
The pinch grip: A grip in between thumb and fingers. Pinching is very essential that involves thumb and index fingers. Thus, we need to strengthen our thumb and finger also.
Support grip: with this you can tightly hold a heavy object for long times; we use support grip when we go for a productive shopping trip.

How to train your gripThere are eight ways to train your grip

Pinch grip Must have equipment for pinch grip: Marginally heavy weight plat – 10 pounds-25 pounds
How to proceed: Stabilize the weight plate on the floor. Then stand up at a stretch. Sit in a squat position, then hold the plate with your right hand finger tip. It must look like you are sprinkling salt and sand. Then stand up with the plate in-between fingers. Then squat again to keep the plates at its
old place. Do this for a minimum of 10 reps with your right hand first, then work with your left hand. For athletics we would suggest you to start with 25-pound plate.

Pinch Grip Transfer : Must have equipment for pinch grip transfer: two 10-pound weight plates. How to proceed: When you stand, tightly hold the weight plates at your right hand first with the help of a pinch grip. (Use all five finger tips of hand). Then up the weight plate gradually at your chest
level. Next hold the plate with your left hand pinch grip. Then slowly transfer the plate from right hand to left hand. It is considered as the single transfer. Do a minimum of 10 transfers of 2-3 sets.

Dedicated forearm exercise for improving grip strength

Dumbbell wrist CurlMust have equipment: Dumbbell of weight 10-20 pounds
How to proceed: take your dumbbell in your right hand, and have a sit on a chair, or bench. Then hold your right forearm on the right leg and keep the right wrist curved across the right knee. Here your weight should be hands down. The entire posture will look like a dumbbell covering your right hand.
Next, select the right wrist and wrap around the dumbbell, curl it over at the side of the thigh with only your wrist. It is considered as a single rep. Do this with the left side with your left hand.

Reverse Barbell CurlMust have equipment: Straight barbell/ E-Z bar
How to proceed: Hold the bar tightly with a very strong, for say over hand grip.  Keep your wrist, arms, and shoulder at a relaxed and comfortable position. Make your elbows rigid against and separated from the body. Then curl the bar at your chest height, and gradually raise the weight with
your forearms. It is known as single repetition. We recommend you to do 3x 10 reps per day.

Crush grip – Crush grip means one can crush something with the help of your palm and fingers. We generally use crush grip by handshake, rock climbing, climbing of ropers, swing sticks and bats, holding heavy barbells while using dumbbells. Experts recommend these moves by developing crush -grip strength. It must be included in any strength training program.

Hand ClenchEquipment required: Stress ball & tennis ball
How to do: Take a soft tennis ball, hold it in the middle of your palm with your ring finger. Then Clench your fingers across the foam ball, then release the pressure. You need to perform this hand clenching process 75-100 times in a day for desirable results.

Grip Clench – You need only spring-loaded grip trainer
Here you just have to squeeze the grip strengthener with your full potential. Do them close fit around your body. Make it a great squeeze and hold it for two to three seconds and then release.  Do it for 3x 10 reps per hand.

Support grip: Farmer’s Carry

Take two dumbbells 30-50 pounds each. Stand straight. Palm facing up, push your shoulders back. Then walk for a minimum 30 yards, then back to the starting point. It is considered a single trip. Do three trips a day.

All these grip strengthening exercises are really good. However, to make them extra effective add something new. Try out a grip strength trainer along with these and see the result within 3 months.



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