What is the best color to wear on hot summer days

Summer is just around the corner. April is still quite away from us, but we can surely feel the heat out there. The hot weather calls for some breezy outfits. In today’s world, comfort is our priority and comfortable clothes always top this list. To feel confident, you need to wear the right outfit! But hey there, you cannot go wrong with the color. Light and bright colors are preferable during the summer season. If you want to look gorgeous and comfortable at the same time, then you are in the right place. But before anything else, this summer season, you have to wear the right color.

Which color should you wear this summer season?

Quirky and cute outfits are praised by everyone out there, but in this dying heat, you cannot afford to wear black. I know you are highly disappointed with that comment, but this statement is proved through science. As per the Japanese research, dark colors are absolutely not made for the summer season, especially if you live in Tropical and Mediterranean countries. Over the years, we have experienced some drastic changes in our weather cycle. Along with pollution, global warming is also increasing day by day. The temperatures are rising and in this dying heat, you need to select the right color. Dark colors like black, violet, dark blue, dark green, etc can become unbearable for you, especially if you plan to step out in the sunlight. These colors absorb the sun rays and thus you will feel hot and sweaty. This summer, let’s say no to these dark colors.

Rock the summer season with bright and light colors. Let’s fill our wardrobes with comfortable outfits. Sky blue, lilac, yellow, light coral, peach, white, orange-red, etc are definitely ready to beat the sun rays. These colors are bright and absolutely soothing for the summer season. You will not feel sweaty, plus you can easily breathe through these colors. Moreover, a nice printed yellow dress can become your go-to outfit. These colors are easily found in the market and we surely have these in our wardrobe as well. After all, who doesn’t own blue denim shorts? You can definitely style it with a lilac T-shirt or maybe a light coral tank top! Experiment with the colors and definitely let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

Check out, Grey And White! Make your summer season comfortable with these colors!

I know you love your black outfits, after all when in doubt, you should go black. But sometimes, you should also pay attention to white and grey. These colors are very comfortable for the summer season. If you are planning brunch with your friends, then you should definitely wear a white cotton dress. Trust me, white elevates your whole look! Plus, you will be shocked to know that white absorbs the least amount of sun rays. Definitely check the other colors out there, you will be amazed to see so many bright options on the list. Go bold with the light colors. This summer, beat the heat with cool and quirky looks. After all, a grey T-shirt with loose denim is always easy to carry. Go chic with casual and colorful outfits.



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