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Hi, I hope you are doing well. What are you doing this summer? Most of us are currently quarantined or working from home which is giving us an ample amount of time to binge-watch for hours. Favourite serials or series for instance. But as we have been quarantined for a really long time which is about three months now I am sure that just like me you all have also run out of things to watch. Recently I have been watching the same series over and over again. I am very bored and I was looking for new options to watch. I came across something very interesting with I wanted to share with all of you, today I am here to talk about The new serials that ZEE5 brings to you, it is called #SummerofEmotions. The announcement made me so happy that ZEE5’s Summer of Emotion is here to make your and my gloomy summer interesting with some Zindagi shows on ZEE5. More than 6 Zindagi shows. What else do you need? I have checked out a few trailers. These stories will touch your heart, as these Stories revolve around Everyday life of people and their relationship. These stories are very relatable as we are supposed to get a new perception of life after watching these.

  1. Noorpur Ki Rani

This series is taken from my English novel Rebecca by Lady Browning (Daphne Du Maurier). Starring Sanam Baloch, a popular face in the Urdu cinema as Noorie, Open girl whose life changes drastically when she lands up in a palace. Her dreams were to become a princess which was very opposite of what her real-life had to offer but fate had a different plan for her altogether. Comes into the life of a Royal couple who were having problems in their marriage life. many twist and turns await as we keep unfolding the episodes

2. Shehr-e-Zaat

Mahira Khan who Made a debut in Bollywood opposite Shah Rukh Khan in the film Raees (2017) this serial starring her as Falak an Educated privilege to women who Is a daydreamer. This Story is based on Umera Ahmed’s novel of the same name. As the story plays on the screen it depicts her beautiful relationship with Allah As she was trying to find herself and bring peace within her life. Being A fine arts student she would make sculptures of people’s faces as she met them. A Romantic twist awaits as a man named Salman walks into her life.

3. Aunn Zara

As much as I have loved the name, the generic is a romantic drama. A one-of-a-kind love story based on Faiza Iftikhar’s novel, Hisar e Mohabbat. This story starts with the rebels, who are two privileged and only children of two respective families – Maya Ali as Zara, Osman Khalid Butt as Aunn. They are two conflicting personalities with different ambitions in life. Who is desperately trying to be free from their authoritative surroundings?Directed by Haissem Hussain like every other Love Story This story also starts with a fight between these two Aunn Zara but surprisingly they end up getting married. Even though they agree to disagree on everything there has always been a hint of romance in the air when they are around each other. The family always seemed happy and while they were trying to work their relationship out. One of the cutest moments is when Zara tries to cover up for Aunn when he meets with an accident while taking her to the movies. The Spark between them made us go awwwww looking at our screen. As the romance builds up so does conflict in the family. Aunn moving out with Zara and starting to live a separate life with her creates a very different dynamic between Zara and Aunn family. Catch the episodes of Aunn Zara on ZEE5 now.

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  1. Wow these seem quite interesting. I have not really watched such dramas but would like to once I finish what I’m watching now.

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