10 things to know before adoption | by Veda’s mom Kavita Baluni

1. Anyone can adopt.

Adoption is another way to have a family. As according to our society only infertile couples go for adoption. That is not true. Adoption is for everyone. 

It is open for everyone, a single male, single female or a couple who have been in a stable marriage relationship for at least 2 years can go for adoption.

2. There is a waiting period

There are millions of kids in India who are abandoned but many of them are not in the adoption pool. That’s why the number of kids available for adoption is less in comparison to parents registered for adoption, due to which there is a waiting period for prospective parents.

If you choose to go for a child with special needs there is no waiting period. You can have a look at the list of kids up for adoption in special need category.

3. Always go for legal way. 

CARA(Central Adoption Resource Authority is the legal way to adopt in India. You have to register under CARA to start the process of adoption. Everything is online from submitting your documents to referral.

4. Adoption is about the child

First and by far the most important point in adoption that one should know is this “Adoption is child-centric”.

Adoption is about finding families for children not children for families. A child is the only person in the whole process who doesn’t have any right to make a decision, that’s why his/her feelings/emotions should be the utmost priority. 

Even if sometimes the adoption journey or your relation with the child doesn’t blossom the way you expected, still it would and it should be the child interest that would matter more than yours.

5. Patience

Sometimes, the adoption process can take longer than you have expected, so don’t give up. Always remember that you are doing this for the child who’s waiting for a family. Patience and adjustments are key factors and they matter the most post-adoption as well. 

6. Counselling plays a vital role

Before starting the process, it’s better to meet adoption counsellor to learn more about adoption, how it works, understanding the categories and clearing your doubts.

7. Travel

Yes. It’s very common that the child you have been referred might be in an orphanage in some other state. You have to travel in the adoption process to meet your child, bring him/her home and for the legal procedures like a court hearing.

8. Not a charity and not free

As adoption is not a charity it’s not free as well. It involves legal fee as well as the cost of home study and follows up for two years (post-adoption).

9. Respect the child

Adoption comes with a loss. A child you are welcoming may have gone through the trauma and as a parent, it’s your responsibility to accept and respect the past of the child. Your family people should respect them too and should be sensitive towards it. 

10. Attachment & Bonding (Cocooning)

A biological child is naturally attached to parents especially the mother.

While the babies or kids who come home from shelters(orphanages) always miss on intensive care like holding, kissing, cuddling, comforting from primary caregivers.

Cocooning can do wonders and be beneficial in case of adoption. Cocooning can really help them to find comfort and promote attachment by spending a good period of time with parents only. 

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