Hidden Treasures: Exploring Hyderabad’s Weekend Getaways

It’s been almost two years since I packed my bags and shifted to Hyderabad. Hyderabad has been a fantastic city to call home, with its vibrant culture and delectable cuisine. However, there was one aspect that left me yearning for more during the weekends – the limited options for travel within the city and the woes of public transport. After countless hours of internet searches and consulting friends who had lived in Hyderabad for years, I came to the realization that the city’s options for travel were somewhat limited. Nevertheless, I managed to explore a few fantastic places, and I’m excited to share my experiences with you.

Are you in search of a weekend getaway that transports you back in time? Allow me to introduce you to Bidar, a historical gem nestled in the northeastern part of Karnataka, India. This city is a perfect destination for history enthusiasts, and it’s a place that many tourists have yet to discover.

Bidar Fort: One of Bidar’s standout attractions is the Bidar Fort, a true marvel of architecture that has defied the test of time for over 500 years. Stepping inside the fort is like taking a journey through the history of the 15th century. Here, you can marvel at the intricate carvings adorning the Rangeen Mahal and admire the masterful craftsmanship of the carved wooden pillars and couplets engraved on tiles. Bidar Fort is a formidable marvel that will leave you in awe of India’s rich heritage. Bidar city, surrounding the fort, is a true masterpiece. It was meticulously planned and built to showcase royal palaces, magnificent Mahals, and a mesmerizing Mosque. Bidar’s main citadel complex is a testament to the grandeur of the past. As you explore, you’ll find yourself transported to a bygone era.

But Bidar is just the beginning of the hidden gems you can discover within a day’s trip from Hyderabad.

Koilkonda Fort And Beyond: A Historical Hike

Just a day’s trip from Hyderabad, you’ll find Koilkonda Fort in the Mahabubnagar district. This place takes you back to the glorious era of the Qutab Shahi dynasty. Perched atop a hill, it seamlessly combines history and natural beauty. Reaching the top can be an adventure in itself, whether you choose to hike through a deep gorge on the west or traverse picturesque streams from the east. As you ascend, a mesmerizing flight of steps leads you to the gates of history. Each gate tells a story, with the first gate featuring an inscription dating back to 1550 AD.

Inside, you’ll discover a mosque, an Idgah, and a serene pond that adds to the historical allure of Koilkonda Fort. It’s a place where you can immerse yourself in the past while enjoying breathtaking vistas.

Kolisagar Dam: A Scenic Reservoir, located approximately 10 km from Koilkonda, the Kolisagar Dam is a medium-sized irrigation project constructed during the Nizam’s era. This picturesque reservoir, surrounded by lofty hills, stretches across the Peddavagu River, a minor tributary of the River Krishna. The beauty of sunrise and sunset here is unparalleled, as nature paints a breathtaking canvas for your eyes to behold.

Somasila: A Temple Town by the River, another gem I explored during the perfect weather of October is Somasila, a temple town situated on the banks of the River Krishna. Although accommodation and restaurants are limited, the locals offer home-cooked meals. Don’t forget to request a riverfront view for a unique experience.

Somasila boasts around 15 temples, some of which are less crowded, making it an ideal destination for a peaceful getaway. You can also enjoy boat rides and coracle rides to enhance your experience.

Another must-visit destination is the legendary Sangameshwara Temple, submerged in the Somasila Water Reservoir. This temple is accessible when water levels are low, usually during the summer season. Additionally, you can explore temples in Alampur, Kollapur, Singotam, and Jetprolu, each showcasing remarkable architectural beauty.

I prefer to explore these places during the monsoon or partially clouded weather to avoid the scorching summer heat. Don’t forget to carry water and insect repellent. These destinations are also child-friendly, making them perfect for family trips.

If you have any suggestions for more places to visit around Hyderabad, please leave a comment. I hope this blog inspires you to embark on your own adventures and discover the hidden treasures that surround this beautiful city. Happy travels!



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