10 Ways To Make Travel Eco-Friendly

I have traveled from the past 3 years now and over the years I have changed the way I look at things and how I pack my bags and also to reduce carbon footprint while I am travelling. Of course, did not have one happen overnight But slowly I understood the importance of travelling eco-friendly and how I can reduce wastage. I took really small and simple steps towards it.

First thing I did was I ditched fast fashion. It was really hard but over a period of time, I started giving up on fast fashion and started supporting sustainable brands. I started buying more cotton clothes which are usually handmade by the local Artist. I really ask the question who made my clothes and also how it is made. Natural dye is also something that I look into while I buy my outfit.  Honesty doing this is not easy but when you want to make a change when you want to make a difference it’s better to start somewhere it was never supposed to be easy.

I am not a vegetarian or vegan yet and I am still struggling with the same but given an option I choose eating local food, I stick by local cuisine which is available in the local market. I don’t waste food. You can say that I don’t waste food at all whatsoever. 

Finally I carry my own water bottle and I fill it up whenever needed. I don’t use package drinking water. I said no to plastic straws and have been carrying my own metal straws. I also carry my own cutleries. 
I said no to the plastic toothbrush and have been using bamboo based toothbrushes. 

I don’t carry any kind of shampoo or conditioner bottles but use bar soaps and shampoos. I have started making my own scrub lipstick and eye-shadow so that I know what I am making and all the things that I am using completely naturally which is not damaging the environment or my skin. 

Recently this got added. I started carrying a lot of seeds to each place I visit. At least ten please open that when I come next they will grow into a full-fledged tree.

I carry a cloth bag, whenever I am going shopping. I even carry my own dustbin bag. If I see somebody throwing things on the road or I see plastic around me I try to put them inside the dustbin bag and carry it along with me till I find a place to dump it. 

I don’t smoke and I try to encourage people around me to give up our quit smoking. It is not easy. Some people really shut me off but I know that I am doing my bit and I try to tell them how much it harms the environment as well as how much it harms the person who is doing so. I believe that if I can even influence 1% regarding the same I will achieve a lot and that’s what I am looking into. 

Keeping my safety in mind I also try to cut down on carbon emissions. I take local transportation, to walk it around when I’m in a city. I even try hitchhiking. You have to be very careful while you are travelling so this point is optional. 

I also don’t do anything touristy with wild animals. Such as riding a camel or an elephant. Our posing with the Tiger or so. I don’t visit any kind of animal-based shows either.

Last but not the least I have also switched to a menstruation cup and happily said goodbye to pads. 

I have mentioned all of this hasn’t happened overnight it has been a gradual change that has come from within me sometimes it is really hard as we are surrounded with plastic items but I always ask myself a question which is really important and I think all of us should ask this we are buying something or carrying something from one place to another and that question – is it reusable?

Hi, my name is Shalini and I am travel journalists from India. I have travel 16 states and union territories so far in India. Exploring the unexplored. I am known as lostloveadventure. You can follow me on Instagram would love to connect with you all.

Stay connected. Happy travelling. 



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  1. Thanks for sharing what you do to be a more responsible traveler 🙂 It is true, these kind of routines don’t happen overnight but it’s good to start somewhere and grow more mindful as time passes.

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