How To Deal With Anxiety!

Life is all about learning and growing. Good and bad things are part and parcel of life. Stressing and worrying in a tight situation is a normal thing. But what happens when you start thinking too much? What happens when you start stressing too much? Trembling, sweating, increased heart rate, continuous overthinking and panicking are some of the direct symptoms of anxiety. People with anxiety disorder experience frequent and excess quantity of anxiety, fear, stress, terror and panic. They worry a lot more than a normal person. They feel nervous and helpless during stressful situations. To help you out with anxiety and stress, here are 6 simple tips which you can include in your regular lifestyle which might help you with your anxiety disorder.

1. Say “Yes” To Exercise, Yoga, Meditation And Visualization Techniques

Say bye to your worries. Follow a good exercise routine. You should exercise at least 4 days a week. Try to be physically active. It might sound hard now, but with time it will become an easy routine for you! Doing yoga and meditation daily will eventually improve your mental health. It gives you a sense of relief, it increases body awareness. Just like your body needs rest, your mind needs relaxation. You can also reduce your stress and anxiety with visualization techniques. It creates calming and serene images in your mind. Visualization unwinds and relieves stress. The images created by your brain send a signal to your body. You try to visualize your bright future, and you look at the happy moments of your life. Those images give you a sense of relaxation and thus the whole process reduces your anxiety and stress.

2. Say “No” To Alcohol, Cigarettes And Recreational Drugs.

People with chronic anxiety disorder often think alcohol, cigarettes and recreational drugs might give them a sense of relief from their anxiety, tension, stress and occasional worries. They think these substances will calm down their anxiety level. But you must stop this habit right here. Nicotine present in cigarettes gives a sense of relaxation to our body, thus we assume smoking reduces stress and anxiety. But it only creates a temporary effect on our mind and body. Smoking gives way to withdrawal symptoms and thus our cravings increase. Just like cigarettes, alcohol and recreational drugs also increase anxiety and stress.

3. Sleeping Is Important

Sleeping properly is essentially important for every living being out there. People with chronic anxiety and stress have a habit of avoiding their sleep routine. This is an unhealthy habit. Sleeping at least 7-8 hours a day is highly essential for your physical and mental health. Try to get as much sleep as possible. For relaxation, you can listen to calming podcast sessions. If you are still not able to manage your sleep schedule, then you must take the help of your therapist or psychiatrist.

4. Don’t Skip Your Medicines, Complete Your Assignments, Identify Your Problems

Just like exercising, medicines and assignments are also important for you. People with chronic anxiety disorder should never skip their medicines or therapy assignments. Stop avoiding therapy sessions. Assignments given by therapists are designed to improve your mental health. Moreover, you should also identify your problems. What are the actions which trigger your anxiety level? When do you start stressing? What is the main cause of your anxiety? If you know the answer to these questions, then you can talk about the same with your therapist. Develop strategies to overcome your problems. Talk about your issues.

5. Start Writing About Your Emotions

Keep a track of your personal life, and write about your thoughts and emotions. As per research, keeping a journal has helped many out there. Through journals, you can figure out the main reason behind your anxiety and stress. Moreover, those writings will give a clarified view to your therapist, thus your anxiety can be monitored and analyzed properly. Writing down your thoughts daily will eventually lead you to a healthy lifestyle. Through your writings, you can easily differentiate the good and bad things in your life. You can figure out what is disturbing and stressing for you. Similarly, you can also figure out what makes you happy and what is important to you.

6. Socialize As Much As Possible

People with chronic anxiety have a habit of isolating themselves from their loved ones. They simply avoid people. They stop socializing with their friends and family. But you must stop right here! Just like breathing, socializing too is important for your mind and body. You must be in touch with your loved ones. Along with proper medical advice, you also need the support and love of your family and friends. They genuinely care for you and they will not let you suffer alone. Get out of your little bubble. Start socializing again.

Talk About Your Problems– Anxiety and stress can be managed with proper medication. If anxiety is left untreated, it might lead you to depression or substance abuse. People with chronic anxiety, tension, fear and stress must consult a shrink. People with untreated anxiety tend to avoid crowds. They prefer leading a life of isolation. Eventually, they become prisoners of loneliness. Stop avoiding your loved ones, talk with them, and take their help. Treat your anxiety at an early stage. Consult a therapist or psychiatrist. Talk about your problems, take proper medication, eat healthy food, resume your ordinary lifestyle, and focus on your goals.



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