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They are IT professionals and engineers by degree but art enthusiasts at heart. They are a team based in Kolkata trying to break the monotony of our mundane life by adding colours to households, stationery items. They always found our solace in art hence they found their calling. They have blended and created unique designs on T-shirts, coffee mugs, coasters, wall posters, bookmarks, postcards, decorative terracotta masks, Dokra, vases etc. Their speciality is Folk art fusion. They work on various indigenous and lost art forms of India and fuse them with modern or contemporary art elements.

The themes speak of Indian art culture and paintings like Tribal art, Rajasthani folk art, Orissa’s Madhubani, Pattachitra, Bengal folk art, Kolkata street art, Heritage temples of India, Harappan civilization etc. These paintings and styles are a trend among all generations. Their pricing is minimal to attract and make it affordable for the younger generation to learn and take an interest in this artistic creation. Their creativity has no lengths or limits.

Surely you will fall in love with these colourful items.

In conversation with them

1. Tells me something about you guys. Your life, career, family etc before you started your own brand. – We are IT professionals and engineers by degree. We were confused teenagers and failed to convince our parents that we wanted to pursue our career in art and hence we landed up in engineering colleges and ended up with IT jobs. Finally, we gave ourselves a push with the opportunity and told that now is the time where we can start making our hobby something. And one fine day in September 2018 we made our idea a reality. We saw and understood our generation and even the next generations are not quite aware of the folk art forms of our country. Hence we started working on the same and started aFolkStore.

2. How did you start this as a business? We always found our solace in art, one fine day we day this is it, we are going to start our start-up with art. So art has a lot of categories in itself and we were in like with our vibrant culture and indigenous art forms. So we studied about folk art more and thought of creating a fusion and in turn, bring them in a new form to the youth whereby we generate their query into it and interest.

3. What are your next plans? We are looking for various kind of collaborations, presently we are collaborating with Bengali music bands. Also, we are open to learning other folk art forms unknown to us. 

4. What lead you into this business? What brought forward this concept? As children, we were part of the art classes and what started as our hobby soon moved into becoming our passion. As mentioned above, we wanted to create an awareness among our youth and bring forward our vibrant and rich culture.

5. What is your speciality? Folk art fusion

6. Mention some interesting facts (Do you make things on request?) Yes, we do customised designs on any subject but folk being our theme – we would have that as our backbone.

7. Future plans.  To work on various indigenous and lost art forms of India and fuse them with modern or contemporary art elements

8. The different price range and Products availability? Our products range from 30 to 600 INR, we have kept our prices very reasonable to attract the youth and encourage them to learn the various type of folk art forms of our culturally rich country.

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2/58, Bijoygarh, Jadavpur, Kolkata – Call +919830420643

You can mention anything else you would like regard to anything in general.  We would like to reach out to all art lovers from different corners of the world and exchange our knowledge towards a better future.



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