Abandoned Places | By Mr Valentine

On days like this, I kiss an old woman to sleep.

She misses her husband, I miss her daughter, Noor. I bring dead lilies for her, for love has always been morbid.

On days like this, I wish to dig the lilac sky and hide in a corner, where the dead angels sing.

Days like this, I wish to keep the voices in my head, away. The voices in my head, don’t sing me melodies.

The voices in my head, remind me that I was abandoned. The voices in my head, remind me that I used to steal food from the dogs, to feed that hunger inside me.

The five-year-old orphan in me cries.

The voices in my head, remind me that my heart is an abandoned graveyard, where I keep the memories of Noor, buried.

I tear open my chest and bury dead lilies, there. On days like this, The old woman kisses my chest, in sleep.

She misses her husband,I miss her daughter, Noor. On days like this, we find love, in abandoned places.



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