Adventure Sports In Jaipur

Jaipur or the famous Pink city is a complete package of fun and numerous activities and attractions for tourists. The place holds royalty in every inch of it and the legacy of welcoming guests like the Kings and Queens still continues. The people here are so welcoming and humble that you will carry memories, not only of forts but also of the hospitalization. The true example of ‘Atithi Devo bhava’ resides in Jaipur, one big example of this is the significance of pink colour in the city, the area was coloured all pink by Sawai Ram Singh at his time of rule to represent hospitality, which the people and the place carries it still. Other than being completely impressed by the hospitalization and historical heritage, there are many other adventurous sports one can do. 

Top 7 Adventure Sports in Jaipur

Puno Jaipur –

With already very awesome tourist places and things, another major attraction for all the adventure junkies and tourists is the Puno,  a place which is made for people to enjoy their time to the fullest in the most adventurous and exciting games and activities. A place where you can come with your family, friends, spouse, cousins, in short anyone and everyone. Often people get bored with just local sightseeing, adding a little enjoyment to the trip makes it complete. It is a place that offers you gaming, adventurous activities and fully entertains you. The place is a complete package in itself, it includes activities like Swing bridge, which will fulfil your fantasy of Takeshi’s castle’s bridge game, Spider Tower, which will let you be The Peter Parker and your great skills might even find you a MJ, Sky Walls, 3D Needles, interactive trampoline and so many many more creative and utterly adventurous activities, which are waiting for your presence at Jaipur. Let the inner child of you, who is suppressed with all the city life tension, finally come out here and feel the carefreeness once again.


Who does not dream of doing this adventurous activity once in their lives? Imagine witnessing the complete city with your naked eyes. From a great height, you will be watching the Pink city like a bird. The old and majestic Forts, the historical heritage, the lakes, the markets, the terraces filled with spices kept for drying, the local culture, everything will be visible at a glance, all together and will for sure mesmerize.

Camel Riding

The taxi of Goa is the Camel of Rajasthan. If you don’t go camel riding while being in Jaipur, your journey is incomplete. The calm animal will take you on a ride in this beautiful and make your experience one of the most unique ones. Going to and fro while sitting on a camel is an exciting experience itself. And the camel is not any ordinary one, wearing colourful ornaments all over itself, it poses equally beautiful as you in photos.

Hot Air Balloon

If you are afraid to go for Paragliding, no worries, Jaipur has got you covered. The Hot air Balloon is another very exciting and adventurous activity to do in the pink city. Lasting for about an hour, it gives you sights of the complete city in glace which is utterly surreal to look at. Jaipur is not any city that is filled with roads and buildings, it has beautiful historic architecture, vegetation in between the streets, lakes, monuments, and much more, and watching this complete combination from such high elevation will definitely be one of the best memories.

Elephant Riding

Riding on the top of creators of the jungle is a matter of pride in itself, and too on the land of the royalties, the feeling is just majestic. The humble animal is beautifully decorated with colourful kalins and ornaments, and riding on it gives you a very exciting feeling. Elephant rides are available at the famous landmarks of the city, like Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal, etc.

ATV Riding

All the daredevils, get ready to experience one of the most adventurous rides ever! Ride an ATV all by yourself with the safety of an expert. Off the road, a 30 min ride where you can completely flaunt your driving skills and do all those Dhoom fantasies you had in your mind, with an ATV. This activity will add another flavour to your trip


Another amazing activity to undertake in Pink city is Camping. Many organizers plan 2-day one-night camping in Jaipur where one gets the unusual experience of driving on the sand dunes and getting to hike on the serene Aravalli hills and do many other adventure activities all along the trip. And sleeping under the open sky with a zillion stars is peaceful in its own way and stargazing at high elevations is something beautiful and peaceful in its own way.



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