Five Lipstick Shades That Suits Everyone

Hey girls!!

Do you believe in ” All things are possible with Tequila and Lipstick”?

We all love lipsticks and explore different shades but quite often we are stuck with a hunch. Does this shade really look good on me? Will I look gorgeous wearing this lipstick shade?

Let’s clear your confusion and make your selection quick and easy. We have chosen five shades that suit everyone and make you party-ready, so you can just grab these shades and apply them with a smile and confidence. Be it any outfit western, ethnic, or any traditional wear, one swipe of lipstick adds a remarkable elegance.

Five sleek and most suitable lipstick shades are here:

Peachy Coral

Sometimes we like to keep it simple and natural, Peachy coral is one such shade that adds up to a classy look. Looks great with stylish Kurtis or any western outfit and makes you picture-perfect with a cute pout. Peachy coral is slightly different from the dominant shades as it looks mild and unique; it’s also perfect for office wear. The best thing about peachy coral shade is it resembles the colour of sunshine and of course makes you shine!


Schiap is another shade that is bright pink and we girls instantly fall in love with pink. Schiap shade has some rare features. It looks bright but has a cool undertone with a semi-matte texture. It looks appealing when you smile with this hasty and calm shade on your lips. Just one stroke of it makes you ready for a date!


The red shade suits every skin tone and boosts up your confidence, the colour red is named in many catchy names by the beauty brands. The red lipstick looks glam at any party and of course, gives a formal look while at work. On the days when you feel it difficult to show up this lustrous shade adds a bold look. Looks gorgeous with RED!

Hot Brown

If you are bored of regular shades check out the hot brown colour, which looks too dark but a single stroke gels up with your skin tone and gives you a new look. The warm-toned lipstick looks trendy and keeps your makeup simple. Apply an extra stroke for perfect pout!!


Plum shade is another blond shade that dominates your makeup look. The gorgeous tint of purple adds a classy and vivid colour to your lips. The shade reminds us of the deep berry that catches our eyes. Apply this long-lasting shade on your special day and let the bold hue add more confidence.

So, What’s your favourite shade?

Explore these shades in different brands and chose the best lipstick to add that extra charm to your smile. Applying a perfect lipstick shade surely takes your makeup to another level of grace and makes you an eye-catcher at the party. While choosing lipstick it’s always a good idea to keep in mind the occasion. The shade of lipstick keeps you going on dull days and adds extra energy on happy days.



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