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I am a fashionista yet I make conscious choices to save the environment and I always trust fashion should never cost the mother earth for the fast fashion we are used to artisans are paying huge prices which made me realise, that it is truly our responsibility to conserve the environment and implement sustainable ways of living not only in fashion but also in every walk of life. I always go the extra mile to create awareness amongst people to adapt to conscious and sustainable styling.

I love to explore clothing brands that make continuous efforts to bring in Sustainable fashion. I strongly presume Sustainable fashion is a perfect blend of ethics and aesthetics. In my search for sustainable brands across the country, I came across the clothing brand AnaiYah led by a very ambitious and passionate woman, Parineeta. Her love for slow and sustainable fashion, fabrics, and making silhouettes has driven her into this fashion world. It all started with an inner voice and a deep thought “what was the impact of my purchase on the person(artisans and weavers) who has created this” and there is no looking back, she has successfully established  AnaiYah’s by Parineeta, a clothing brand renowned for its contemporary designs and clothes which can be styled in different ways promoting slow fashion which is truly the need of the hour always believe and support the idea of sustainability and providing livelihood and AnaiYah’s vision towards financial empowerment of the artists and weavers has my heart and I truly support the ideas and vision of this brand as it is contributing in many ways to society and the environment.

AnaiYah has always been the epitome of sustainable fashion and vibrant designs.

Let us dive deep into Parineeta’s values and dedication to the fashion world.

Parineeta has always believed that each of us is born with different gifts, talents and abilities. And also a firm believer that there are different seasons in each one of our lives. Being a postgraduate in applied psychology she chose to work in the corporate world. After a successful corporate career, began my next season of working with children in a children’s home as a psychologist before starting my entrepreneurial journey. Parineeta’s love for handloom and everything handcrafted started at a young age. Her father was the one who was instrumental in introducing this new era of fashion. She and her family used to look forward to going to the Adivasi Mela, organised in Bhubaneswar every year during Republic Day and the amalgamation of colours, artwork, handicrafts and handwoven products absolutely fascinated her even as a child and slowly that love became a passion. When fascination becomes passion rest is history!

The concept of sustainability was always a part of her lifestyle growing up (even though she didn’t know what it meant then), reading about fashion, the creation of weaves and designs, and understanding the efforts of artisans in all these aspects of fashion and sustainability made a huge impact on her perspective.

Best things happen when you dwell in yourself and spend time with yourself exploring your passions and in this journey towards your passion you receive answers from the universe this brand AnaiYah has a deep meaning, in Hebrew means; that “God has answered” is an answer to  Parineeti’s prayer to pursue her passion. AnaiYah was started to bring together a varied range of artisanal crafts of weaving, dyeing and printing together. The brand focuses on marrying traditional art forms with modern sensibilities.

It all started with some small pop-ups at home and in our housing complex. And people really loved the functional and contemporary designs on Indian handlooms. AnaiYah and the idea behind it have started with an investment of 20k for the fabrics from the weavers and got it stitched by a local tailor. Something that started as a passion soon turned into a business venture, this definitely shows the power of passion and commitment.

AnaiYah is a fast-growing fashion brand that aims to increase livelihood opportunities and financial empowerment to the artisans and weavers and also to work towards the building of a strong e-commerce marketplace and targeting Indian as well as international markets.

Parineeta always believes in a unique design with a great sense of aesthetics. AnaiYah’s designs are contemporary as well as functional at the same time. The speciality of their outfits is they flawlessly allow the fabric to be the hero, making simple silhouettes. We aim to bring designs which are fresh, modern and steeped in traditional and artisanal elegance.

The textiles used are of utmost significance and are crafted in different parts of India. Our vision is to partner in preserving the rich textile heritage of India by transforming traditional handlooms into contemporary outfits.

Being a sustainable brand AnaiYah creates a design that can be worn in multiple ways at reasonable prices ranging from ₹1200 – ₹5500 plus. AnaiYah’s sustainable collections include tops, lower, overlays, dresses, kurta, jackets, skirts etc

The philosophy of the brand is to create sustainable clothing. Clothes that last through seasons and trends. The designs are thoughtfully created that can be worn in more than one way. If you are someone who loves fashion and respects mother earth supporting sustainable fashion AnaiYah’s should be your ‘go-to’ place. Check out the links below for great collections.

Happy Shopping!

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