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The spring season is already here and guess what the summer breeze is also around the corner, so why not go through our wardrobes again? Yes, I heard you all and finally, I’m back with another interesting recommendation set for you. This time we are scanning through the pretty summer outfits! Are you ready for some quick fashion tips and hacks? Summer is all about colorful and quirky outfits but sometimes the sun can be too harsh on us and that’s when light-colored outfits come into play! Whether it’s a simple cotton kurti or a flare dress, bring your A-game into the picture. Mix and match outfits, and hey there, summers are not only about knee-length dresses or short clothes, but you can also look extremely presentable and stylish in a long skirt or three-quarter leggings! Trust me it’s not about what clothes you have but it’s all about whether you style them in the right way or not!

Summer Fashion – New Trends & Tips
Let’s talk first about the haves and haves not! As we slowly enter the summer season, we will realize that global warming has reached its peak level and sooner or later we will surely melt down! Jokes aside, this summer season, organize your clothes wisely and buy the essentials you still don’t have in your wardrobes. Lightweight cotton clothes are a must-have! Choose breathable fabrics, especially for extremely sunny days. Moreover, you can also opt for soothing and light-colored outfits. Apart from these quick fashion tips, I have curated a special outfit list for you, let me know which one you would prefer the most here!

  1. Maxi Dress
    Maxi or A-line dresses are still on trend and you must grab some of these for the upcoming summer season. These are perfect for any season type. The fabric used is mostly soft and gentle for our skin, so we don’t have to worry about skin rashes or tanning in the sun! Those who feel a bit uncomfortable in short dresses can surely opt for A-line dresses.
  2. Co-ord Sets
    Another trending fashion item happens to be this one! Co-ord sets are very much in fashion and you know what, we have some cool and quirky co-ord sets for summer as well. You don’t have to go for classic co-ords, for the time being, blazers can be avoided, instead, choose from the soft fabric range! When talking about co-ord sets, the one which attracts me the most is the 3-piece set, printed shrug, and shorts layered with a solid crop top is all you need this summer season.
  3. Printed Cotton Kurti
    Yes, crop tops can be quite quirky and comfortable, but you know what’s more comfortable than crop tops? Well, it’s my favorite, sleeveless printed cotton kurtis. You can never go wrong with this and this could be easily paired up with simple three-quarter leggings. This not only shouts ethnic but it also calls for light-weight clothes! Summer season, especially during June or July, the sunrays will be steaming hot and during those days this can be your ultimate savior.
  4. Solid Or Printed Cotton Shorts
    Another item that is a must-have for me is shorts and no I don’t buy denim ones, but I don’t hold back when it comes to these quirky cotton shorts! I surely have some of these in my wardrobe and I’m pretty sure you too have these! Cotton shorts are not only breathable but these are also extremely comfortable and perfect for hot summer days. Solid or printed, these are available in multiple shades and numerous prints, you can style them with anything you like! Whether it’s a crop top, a crop shirt, or a short kurti, you can surely style it in the best way possible.
  5. Harem Pants
    Another exclusive fashion item recently in talk happens to be retro-style harem pants. If you know how to pair them up, then these can be a game-changer for you. You can easily pair it up with crop tops! These loose pants are super comfy and lightweight. You might think once or twice before buying this, but once you start purchasing harem pants you will understand how stylish and unique these can be!
  6. Flare Pants
    Yes, I do know you all like shorts more, but have you ever tried flare pants? In one word, this is all you need this summer season. These will protect your legs from getting tanned. Moreover, why worry about waxing or shaving, when you have flare pants in your wardrobe? Stylish flare pants are super easy to pull off! The printed ones can look extremely sassy with solid crop tops!
  7. Cotton Dresses
    Another favorite of mine would be cotton dresses. It is super easy to carry and style! My wardrobe is mostly filled with comfortable pieces and I do have multiple cotton dresses as well. Trust me there is no hassle you have to face here! Sleeveless cotton dresses are very much in trend and fashion and they can be very sassy as well. From solids to printed, from white or beige to pink or yellow, these are available in numerous patterns and colors.

The list can be pretty huge but the above 7 are my personal favorites. As I said above, this summer season you can go crazy with colors and fashion! There is no such thing as perfect style, if the outfit makes you feel comfortable and beautiful, then you are already half-way near to be perfect!



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