Beyond Nomad | Perfect Place To Stay In Goa

Beyond Nomad | Perfect Place To Stay In Goa


I love Goa like anybody else, Goa does have a piece of my heart. It’s been years that I have been going to Goa and staying in different places as a lot of you know that each year I visit Goa at least once. My grandfather stays in Goa so I have goan routes.
From the north to the south all of it is beautiful in Goa. I am sure you are often confused about where to stay while you are in Goa. happened with me a lot of time. I have stayed in different places starting from Calangute to Arambol to Panjim just name the place and I have stayed there.
So this time when I went for a personal project to Goa. I plan to stay in Saligao, I was pretty bored in 2 days I possibly didn’t want to continue. While casually meeting up with friends, a friend of mine introduced me to this awesome place he was staying called Beyond Nomad.
He was like “I stay in Poshtel” and I was like “what is that?”
he was Iike “come to check it out yourself” and I know that in the next 24 hours I booked my bed with Beyond Nomad.


It is a hundred years old Portuguese house which has been transformed into a beautiful posh hostel. since it is called Poshtel.


It has been an amazing feeling to stay with people from different states cities countries and share the common love for travelling. Instantly I made so many friends and started hanging out with them. It felt like I know them since forever that this place provides is beyond imagination.
Everyone has been so amazing, I am sure it was one of the best choices I made in Goa. It is affordable and surely a great place to stay.
I wanted to know more about the story and journey to start of this place so I was in conversation with the Co-owners of Beyond nomad Eashita and Zeeshan.


Tell me something about you guys. Your life, career, family etc

Beyond Nomad is the brainchild of Eashita Maheshwary (Bangalore), Zeeshan Khan (Kolkata) & Subhajit Sarkar (Kolkata).
Eashita – An adventure enthusiast, scuba diver, huge foodie, worked in the marketing and HR space for 3+ years. A total Bangalorean and dog lover. Really enjoys travelling, meeting people and making them a part of her story.
Zeeshan – A full stack developer and mountain lover. It’s difficult to tell which he’s more passionate about. A scuba diver, paragliding pilot, solo traveller.
Subhajit- If he got his bike then short distances isn’t his thing. He can turn lunch on a road trip. If there is something that needs to get done, then he’s the man. His ever existing smile keeps the team spirit high.

2. How did you start this business?

Eashita and Zeeshan met at a co-working space and Subhajit is Zeeshan’s school friend. The trio got together and thought of something in the travel space. As the idea progressed, it turned into a poshtel and creative community space.

3. What are your plans?

Beyond Nomad Creator’s Program, one of a kind residency program where both creators and their creations would be celebrated. Also, an in-house café is in the making.

4. What lead you into this business?

The fact that we have personally experienced the lack of a luxury community space to stay at while travelling and also lack of supporting infrastructure for working remotely like reliable internet connections, etc made us create this space. The charm of meeting people from around the world is another reason.

5. What is your speciality?

Beyond Nomad isn’t just about staying, it’s about an experience. With customized wooden bunk beds that have stairs to conveniently get you to the top bunk and curtains for privacy to ensure utmost comfort, the specially curated workshops walk and #BeyondNomadExperiences is something one should look forward to. As a creative community space, our place encourages artists, creators and their work.

We have had artists from the Mumbai indie scene like Raghav Meattle, Andrew Sabu, Tejas Menon play
living room gigs while we have also looked at engaging our guests in pottery, art therapy workshops and photography meet-ups. Space is open for any artist who would like to showcase their work.


It’s about looking into the basics of a place and absorbing the same entirely. We at Beyond Nomad try to create an experience for each of our guests irrespective of their stay is for a day or a couple of months.


I hope that clears all the questions that you want to ask or was looking for an answer to, but if you want to know more about beyond nomads please DM them in Instagram they are very quick in responding.
I want to share my personal experience with beyond nomad, it has been an amazing 5 days stay. I really didn’t want to come back. they also have a dog called Deugo.



Often if you are chilling in the hammock you will definitely see some beautiful birds visiting them. if you are lucky enough every morning you will wake up to peacocks singing and dancing for you. This place has a different aura and vibe of its own which is very appealing. I stayed and the girls’ dom which has 6 bunk beds. There is also a mix of doms 4 beds and 8 beds. They also have three private rooms. There is a common room, well-equipped bathrooms and a kitchen which can be used by all. you get some tasty breakfast when you wake up. During my stay, I not only enjoy the company of people and mesmerized my self with nature but I also learnt pottery and some yoga.



It has been a memorable experience and I can’t wait to get back soon as I said it was the work trip and I was really really stressed but this place was so magical that I worked and chilled and learn something new at all at the same time.
Special mention each and every bed has a lamp providing sufficient light in case you want to work and a charging point which is very important. so I could work at my hours without any hindrance.
Do you think you need anything more? I know that I was sorted and happy with Beyond Nomads.

Few Beyond Nomad Experiences you can be part off during your stay. No matter you are travelling solo or in a group, these experiences are something you would not want to miss

  • Cycle Tour – The timings are generally 7-9 in the morning or 4:30 – 6:30 in the evening. To places like Parra,
  • Sail Boat – This starts from Dona Paula Jetty, the sunset cruise is suggested. Each boat costs 3500, max 5 people allowed.  Dolphins and seagulls are usually sighted.
  • Living Room Gigs, art workshops, dance workshops, yoga workshops etc – On specific dates.
  • Flea Market Walking Tour – Every Wednesday after breakfast.
  • Heritage Walking Tours – This is conducted to explore the hidden history of Goa. It is a good opportunity for those who appreciate history and want to know more about Goa rather than the usual.




968, Pequen Peddem, Monteiro Vaddo, Anjuna, Goa





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