Bracelets – The important family member of accessories!

Hello, my lovelies! Today we are going to talk about an important member of the accessories family- bracelets! I have always been a fan of accessories which are worn on hands and bracelets are my favourite. They are fuss free, easy to carry and they go with any kind of outfit. I have never met a person who dislikes wearing bracelets.

Bracelets enhance your hands and give it a graceful balance. I think this is probably the first accessory that everyone starts with while they are growing up. Remember those friendship bands? I bet all of you have some fond memories in regard to these bands. Like every jewellery that mankind has ever worn, bracelets have their own share of symbolism. All of us love wearing it but only a few of us know the emotion it symbolizes. A bracelet is symbol of eternity. Something which has no end and no beginning. A friendship band symbolises lasting friendships. A bracelet gifted by a lover conveys the wish to continue a loving relationship. According to Jewelry Wise, you can find out what bracelet is right for you.

Bracelets can be made with literally any material. Strings, beads, metal, stones, wood, glass and finally plastic! I don’t think any other form of accessories is this versatile when it comes to material.


You can find a wide range of bracelets online. They come in all kinds of looks- graceful and sleek, fun and flirty or stylish and edgy. My personal favourite is the graceful and sleek bracelets which add subtle elegance that can lighten up any look. I also love charm bracelets. They are so cute and feminine! Bracelets bearing charms have an interesting history. It’s said that Queen Victoria was responsible for popularising the trend of charm bracelets. Even popular designers such as Louis Vuitton were instrumental in reintroducing this trend in recent times. Charm bracelets have been popular among women and often were passed down from generation to generation. Inheriting your late grandmother’s charm bracelet could give you an overview of her personality. Now you might be thinking how can a piece of jewellery tell you so much about someone? It can if it is a charm bracelet which bears symbols or charms of the things which that person cherished. So, next time you find a little racket on someone’s bracelet, you will be sure to know that the person likes Tennis.

Talking about the charms of bracelets, I was very surprised to know that men are fond of bracelets as well! Bracelets are a great gifting option for men. I think apart from rings, bracelets are the only accessory which does justice to a man’s charisma. It is universally flattering on all men. In fact, a well-designed bracelet can tell you more about a man’s tastes than his attire. To know the reasons why men should wear bracelets, click here. 

With the different kinds of bracelets available in the market for men, you can get a hint of their personality. For example, you can be sure that a guy likes adventures and wilderness if he is wearing a leather bracelet. If your man likes sleek and polished bracelets then he is without a doubt well organized and prudent. So pay close attention to the little things because they can give you a lot of details about the person you wish to know more about.

I hope this post about bracelets was informative and helpful to all of you. Keep slaying it girls and boys the right way each day.

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