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Dorota House – Salt Lake


Hi, so this is going to be a very different blog, I am not very sure as to which category I should put this blog on but here is my experience and the short story about me Finding a place In the City but away from the City Shore and I stumbled upon the most convenient place, situated at the heart of the city.

I don’t know about you all but according to me, I cannot work at home. You can say that I become very lazy or I am ineffective when I am home. So while I was visiting Kolkata for a short holiday I had a few major works that came on my plate out of Nowhere and I needed proper focus and dedication for the work. I didn’t want to go away immediately from the city but wanted a place which is quieter and nicer for me to spend at least a day to figure out and finish all my work before I come back to my parents and spend my holidays as holidays and not as working during holidays. My parents get really offended if I come for a visit but have bags full of work. For me, it becomes really difficult to balance work and family time especially when I get to visit them after months as I stay in Mumbai. So I was looking out for a one-day getaway but in the heart of the city and my friend mentioned to me Salt Lake. I thought to myself what’s better than Salt Lake while checking out places on the internet I found this place call Dorota at Salt Lake Sector 2 which had a pretty impressive review on google. I looked over the photos and it seemed like a very nice homely place. Immediately I booked myself a room for a day luckily it was available.

Next morning I took a Uber from home and it took around 30 minutes to reach Dorota. It was a homely welcome, they maintain pin-drop silence which was one of the best things I could ask for. It is a three storey modern house, well-kept building. Even when they had a guest at that point of time everyone maintained silence which truly was commendable.

 When I was allotted the room, I was very happy the beds and the bathroom everything was very clean and spotless.

They had a table with a table lamp I thought that was very thoughtful especially for workaholics like me and a nice veranda. Fully functioning air conditioner in all rooms and free wifi. 

This place is easily accessible, I surely felt very safe and secure. The staff has been so humble and so kind that words really will fail to describe them. During Lunchtime tasty homely lunch was also served, at a nominal additional cost. I was impressed by the timing maintained. Each staff has been so considerate and friendly, I did not have to worry about anything everything was taken care of.

All I focused on was at work, unexpectedly I finished work way earlier than I thought that I would. Which give me enough of the time to myself. I spent my day reading some books throwing myself all around the bed, telling my friends about the awesome experience I had with Dorota and encouraging them to come and visit.

I also looked around, so the staff mention that they have a room on the terrace the moment is stepped inside that room I fell in love immediately. I can’t tell you how beautiful that room is giving you much-needed room goals. I will make sure that next time I am visiting Dorota I stay in the terrace room.

They also organise the terrace party for up to 50 people. I watched the sunset from the terrace and it looked lovely. The whole atmosphere and the peaceful nature adds up the beauty of this place. I would surely recommend anybody coming to Kolkata for work or just casually visiting the city with friends or family and looking for a homely stay, homely food this place is a place you can surely not go wrong with. I had a great time I literally worked and chilled at the same time at Dorota House Salt Lake.

I definitely had a smiling face throughout my stay with Dorota and I am wishing you the same.

Here is how you can book your stay with the Dorota House

Address: FE-163, FE Block, Sector III, Salt Lake City, Kolkata, West Bengal 700106

Phone: 098361 77779




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