Can Ex’s Be Friends?

Dedicated to my ex-boyfriend my childhood sweetheart – aka my best friend

I am sure a lot of you must have heard stories about friends becoming boyfriends or girlfriends then landing up being married. I have an example of my life wherein the exact opposite happened. Of course, I am not married. I was dumb while growing up I don’t think much has changed ever since then, moving on… I was 15 years old and back then I didn’t experience any relationship as such. I would rather get the friend zone/sister zone and if there is any other zone I would fall into all the category other than being in the girlfriend zone. I did not look hot, I was a nerd, I am not saying that I look hot now. I think I am still the same as I was years ago even though I am 24. Currently, I am still single.

This story is pretty funny and also very close to my heart and that is why I decided to share with all of you about a piece of my heart which took a good amount of 6 years.

This is how I look at it now in 2019.

This was way back in 2010 when I first met him, he has three brothers and he was the eldest one. I was very scared of talking to him but I was friends with the youngest brother. so let’s name them randomly – Big Brother BB. Medium brother MB and younger brother YB So basically I was friends with YB because he was my age but somehow I would end up meeting BB more and spend time with him more. I was about three years younger than him. does it even matter when you look through the glass of love as THEY SAY?

I was stupid, I never realised that he was around me intentionally and wanted to know more about me. He showed a lot of interest while I ignored all the hints. I think we all have one such story in our life and it so happened that I was supposed to leave for an international trip so while all of that was happening going on in my life bb decided to confess his love for me and he said exactly this “You bitch don’t you realise I am in love with you?’

My reply was “OK” and we hung up the phone. It took me about three months to actually love him. We dated for about 6 years on and off with lots of break-ups and patch up in between while we were both growing up maturing as adults. We both had a very different life ahead and we never realised that until we came to a place where we hit a rock bottom. It was emotionally very tiring for both of us to move at different directions because we were at the peak of making our career choices.

There was a time where we said goodbye to each other. Since then it’s been a long time and today I am telling you this story about us because I think we both know now what love feels like.

There is such a fine line between loving someone and being in love with someone. I still love BB and so does he. We are a true example of ex’s being friends.

We still talk to each other, advise each other and joke about each other. We are still very much in contact with each other with no hard feelings at all. We are truly there for each others family and it is very important that when a relationship breaks a part of you breaks as well and it is important to come to terms and conditions with that part of you so that you can open every chapter of your life with a smile on your face.

BB is one such person who I can reach out to at any hour. He was and he still is important to me, even when we have different paths, different cities and leads a very different life…

I just want to let you know that “You have been a great friend you are still a great friend and you will always remain to be a great friend whom I love from the bottom of my heart.”

We all have just one life to live and we must live it to the fullest.

A lot of people talks about moving on, I have not mastered the art of moving on but knowing the word sorry and experiencing it as well in my life I have realised that moving on is when you make peace with yourself and let the harsh experiences heal. It is OK to make mistakes in a relationship. It is OK to realise that some people are great together but they are not meant to be. It is ok to let go and be happy for the other person.

I am really happy to see all his achievements and so does he. Today BB is in love with someone and I am so happy for him. All three of us even went out for dinner in Mumbai during the last Diwali. I remember I was so happy to see him being happy with someone else.

Let us all celebrate friendship in every relationship that we have shared with someone.

Life is too short to hold back feelings that have hurt you, broken you but haven’t let you free.

Sending love from the best ex-girlfriend, BB could ever find.



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