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Hi, once again I am back talking about my love for sarees. Previously I think I have mentioned above this amazing brands that I have been following.  you can check out this blog My favourite go-to online Saree brand of 2019

Today I am exclusively going to talk about Discover Diva from Bengaluru. 

If you check out the website you will know how beautiful it looks. It will attract you in every way possible. I have been a big fan of Banarasi sarees and to know that this brand gets there sarees originally from Banaras was one of the most positive things I could think of. The colours and patterns are so unique in itself.  I remember I wore a Banarasi saree which was black and pink, one of the most uncommon colour combinations that you will see in a Banarasi saree. I have been in love with that saree ever since then. Other than Banarasi saree they have a beautiful collection of Royal Chanderies, Maheswaries, Kotas and Silk. I have like the way they have put across a beautiful collection. There is no compromise whatsoever when it comes to the quality of these products. Other than the Benarasi I have worn two Chanderi’s from this brand. Diva as a brand they have an amazing range of beautiful traditional sarees from different parts of India. As in India and around the globe everything traditional never goes out of fashion. Every product is crafted in their unique way.  Suman the owner of Diva she believes that she should keep The authenticity of each of this alive so she makes sure that whenever she is travelling she visits the artisan to check out the techniques and the skills that they have and promote these artisans from their home to your house. The Benarasi saree collection is exclusive and they are hand-picked by Sumana all by herself.

So all these sarees are mostly handwoven. As I have mentioned there is no compromise in the quality as that is what makes Diva is known for, the most important factor as a brand. They have a wide range of products suitable for women of all age. They also have a store in Bangalore which you can visit by appointment only as a brand they started this beautiful journey in search of handwoven saree which lead them to dig deep into our history and creativity. Sarees are an everyday part of Indian women from centuries which is also recognized globally. Diva surely stands as their name claims. Their collection will make you look like a Diva.

One of my passions in life has been travelling. My passions have not only taken me to the well-known destinations but only the distant and seldom visited corners of this sub-continent. The reason for me to travel has been an eagerness to learn and explore the vast cultural heritage of the Indian sub-continent. The food, the languages, the architecture, the music, the dance, the clothing all in their diverse and divergent ways have fascinated me. I always brought back something from these places which was highly appreciated by my loved ones. Once a friend of mine asked me to buy something for her and she liked what I brought. That inspired me to start Diva. This gave me an opportunity to travel more in search of handmade products. When I buy something personally, I know the story behind it. And that’s how I like to continue the story through Diva. I have always wanted to showcase the diversity of Indian handlooms. Though we mainly have Banarasis, Chanderis and Maheshwari’s. I work with weavers from all around India like Bengal, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and I aspire to work more with these weaving clusters.” – Sumana the owner of Diva

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