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Durga Puja 2019 is one of the biggest festivals in the city of joy Kolkata. I have born and brought up in Kolkata. the Hustle bustle is a part of me. last year during Durga Puja I was in Mumbai, and I missed the whole Puja Vibe. I never knew that I enjoyed the culture and tradition all this while. pandal hopping or wearing new clothes were never a part of me. but I would often accompany my friends, during this time. I missed all of it last year. this year when I was in Kolkata, and I saw the city is decorated and lit up I was overjoyed. the whole Pujo feeling brings touch positivity around. so many people, artist-craftsman comes to Kolkata just to make Durga Puja much better every time.
So this blog is dedicated to all my friends and readers. I have done something really special for all of you. if you have not been following me on Instagram you should follow as soon as possible. as I have created a beautiful look book for you this photo. I have gone out and out creating this lookbook collaborating with different brands so that I can help you dress up this Puja season.
This lookbook is a blend of mostly traditional and contemporary Indianised looks.
So here is my look book for you this Puja

I am going to start from the Mahalaya and end on the last day of Durga Puja which is known as Dashami.

I have preferred to go with the classic white and red border saree for Mahalaya and in the evening with a nice pair of black skirt I am teaming up a Polka Dot red off-shoulder crop top from LBB Online shop the brand is Zachistore. minimal makeup along with Messy bun. A good evening out with friends in some nearby mall embracing the Puja feel.

Mahalaya morning look

Mahalaya evening look

Panchami – I decided to go with grey and Golden lightweight saree with a contrasting blouse from Lok-Katha. I added some silver jewellery for the pop of different tone in what I was wearing. Panchami morning look I come to very simple is and easy so that you can enjoy with your friends and family over a nice lunch or a branch.

Panchami morning look

Panchami evening I have teamed up yellow and white saree with my hair semi-open with very beautiful handcrafted earrings from Athulyam .. this saree is so light with that you can possibly jump around and deliver the weather condition of Kolkata and start your Pandal hopping with your friends.

Shashti – I kept a little heavy look on this day especially on the morning I want a beautiful Chanderi red colour sarees from Chowdhrain with gold pieces of jewellery adding more Bling to my saree e my hair tied up in a bun along with beautiful white garland to enhance the Bun. The entire look is very gaudy, because hey why not? Pujo has arrived and it needs to be special you need to stand out.

Shashti Morning look

In the evening I have repeated the same skirt from the Mahalaya evening look and what it was but this time I paired it up with the original top. One of my friends told me that in South India this particular set is called Pattu Paavada Flea-ed By Anusree and I believe that it is needed to stand out and embrace each and every culture as it looks so different and beautiful in its own way.

Shashti Evening look

Saptami – the starting off the crazy 4 days of Durga Puja. As I was doing my research I saw that on this

So I wanted to wear red and white saree, this particular saree is one of my very favourite saree as I got a lot of compliments wearing it. The pink Durga in a red and white saree with the dhak took My Breath Away along with many peoples who saw me wearing this saree. I tied up my hair very neatly and used the white flower garland to enhance the I was a pink Bindi and no jewellery whatsoever. The makeup was completely nude I just used khol for my eyes and dark pink lipstick and I was set for my morning look. This saree is from Threadsofjari

Saptami Morning look

In the evening I experimented a little as I wanted to keep it very simple. I want a neon green colour salwar with had a white netted work on it. I teamed up with the white palazzo from Westside and used a net Dupatta which was a light green colour. I wore silver colour long dangling earring to complete my look. this look was the very sober look. This design I have made it myself and I got it stitched to buy one of the tailors in Mumbai so this dress is from my wardrobe.

Saptami Evening look

Ashtami – Austami Morning look 
I decided to wear pink and black Benarasi saree. Why should the black be described as evil? So, I decided to break that though as black is just a colour. I completed this look by making an extremely neat bun. Pink bindi and gold statement jewellery. I am Anjali ready just the way I want to be. Freedom to choose my colour for worshipping. This saree is from Diva_bengaluru

In the evening I wore a mustard yellow dress from Aadikarink I kept it very fun and peppy. I wore a black beaded shoe from Pantaloons. I accessorized my dress with a dark blue asymmetrical earring from Tintsandtinsels.

Ashtami evening look

Navami I went eco-friendly and wore a beautiful maroon dress from the brand Sifar. They make clothes from the left-over fabrics of manufacturers and retailers, which accounts for the “wastage” in export terms. The entire process is eco-friendly and aims at ZERO WASTE.  I got really attracted to them.

Navami Morning look

In the evening I wore a red and golden salwar with golden zari work on it. Brought the material from a local market in Mumbai and got it stitched according to my taste. I teamed it up with a golden ankle length leggings and a nice golden dupatta to complete this look.

Navami Evening look

Dashami – this is the last day of Durga Puja and we bid goodbye to Devi Durga on this day. Morning for the sindoor khela I wore a red and white saree from Thekookooshop. In the achol a beautiful Debi Durga’s face was embellished. I love this saree in particular because of the detail of the face of Durga was very prominent and it looked nice when I draped it. The border was pleated with golden border detailed zari work. Again a very neat bun for the hair along with some goldish nude makeup and not to forget the red bindi. Nice big golden earrings and bangles to complete the look.

Dashami Morning look

In the evening for the bhashan I kept it very edgy I wore ripped jeans from Levi’s teeming it up with a red and black which I repeated from the Shosti evening look by Flea-ed By Anusree.
Hair open or tied up in a Messy bun depending on the weather. Be comfortable as bhashan can be really tiring and nothing is better than breathable perfectly fit jeans from Levi’s.

Dashami Evening look

Thank you to all the brands for showing such love, also to these amazing talented bunch of photographers. None in any specified order. I am really overwhelmed with all the love Kolkata has shown me over a couple of weeks. I am extremely thankful to all of you for making this dream of creating a lookbook for puja come to life.

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