Fascinating Diu Island

If life is a not to miss an event, travelling and exploring new places are just its fabulous decor. In my 25 years of age, I have already travelled several states and union territories in India and it’s essentially because of my parents being travel lovers, and I too carried their genes. The not so crowded, unexplored places have always attracted me the most and if it has an unbeatable bonding of nature and man, it’s truly unforgettable.

I would just love to share my experience with such a place It was 23 rd December 2016 our Gujarat trip was about to end we reached Veraval, the very next morning our bus started for one of India’s union territory Diu before this I just read the name in my geography book and that also just one line ”Daman and Diu capital Daman ”.
After about 3 hrs journey, our bus just turned to the coastal road, and it was the picturesque beauty of the deep blue water; shinning like velvet by the reflection of the Sun Rays I couldn’t take my eyes off. Our bus stopped near an old Fort the Portuguese fort, Fortim Do Mar or Pani Kotha a
described by our guide. The fort was of 16th century, built; during the time of the colonial power of Portugal when they dreamt of establishing their dominion in the Indian trade. The Portuguese built the fort in an alliance with the then king of Gujarat, Bahadur Shah, as the Mughals waged a war threat against them. A truly wonderful piece of history amidst the Arabian Sea, the fort is the main attraction of Diu alongside natural beauty. The fort also reflects old Portuguese way of living, a Chapel within the fort still stands in great glory people can well enjoy the sea view from the fort. From the Fort, is visible the former prison of the Portuguese, in the midst of the sea made of white stones but is now forbidden for visitors.

Our next destination was the St Paul’s Church, built-in 1601 AD, an extremely fascinating piece of baroque art and was beautifully decorated as it was the Pre Christmas time. Having packed lunch we next started for the famous Gangeshwar Shiva temple. In the place called Fudam, the cave temple consists of five Shiva Lingas almost at the level of the sea and the most the astonishing fact is that the sea waves every now and then washing over the Lingas as if offering water to the Lord; the place is definitely a combination of nature with divinity.

And last but definitely not the least, the white sand beach of Diu to drown our bare feet in the bluewater is truly serene Diu an island is nearly 90km southeast of Veraval and is located off the southern coast of Gujarat.

Though Daman and Diu almost pronounced together it is geographically distinct, separated by the Gulf of Khambat. Daman is the administrative capital of Daman and Diu. The climate is mostly hot and
humid throughout the year. The best time to visit Diu is from November to February. The nearest railway station is Una, nearly 12km but better to head from Veravel as it’s the nearest main station (90km);
connected with Ahmedabad. Both public and private buses are available from Veraval to reach Diu. The Diu Airport is also connected to Mumbai and is just an hour away. Though we managed to cover Diu in a day, night stay can be done easily; hotels are quite available through the online booking sites. Amidst the various tourist locations in India, Diu has been a hidden gem. Its mesmerizing nature along with the perfect touch of colonial history makes it a must-visit for all travel lovers.



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