Blue Nectar Product Review That I Have Personally Used

Hi, I am so glad to see that you guys are enjoying the reviews that I have started putting up I will try to work on it so that I can do better. This is my first time reviewing products s I have been pretty nervous because I don’t know how exactly to do it I have always been on Instagram and Instagram review is much easier than writing a blog. But when I saw the amazing response in my last review block I decided to to do it again for each one of you. I’ve also opened an Instagram account dedicatedly for reviewing products here is the link so that you can follow me on Instagram –

Blue Nectar Amritanadi Assam Mogra Green Tea Leaves with Himalayan Rose (65 gm, 33 Cups)

I am a tea person. I eye flavoured tea like no other. Rose Green Tea Just the right combination of Rose Flavor and Green Tea makes this tea worth trying. The sweetness of rose makes it, even more, desire for. The taste, aroma, everything is perfect. I love the packaging. The glass jar makes it very classy. Green tea is known for its goodness. Consuming this tea helps to improve your overall health, skin and hair from within. Visible high-quality tea leaves no tea dust. It works great as a detoxification drink and reduces anxiety stress.

Blue Nectar Destress, Headache And Migraine Relief Roll-On 9ml

@bluenectar_ayurveda I bought this ayurvedic destress roll on by blue nectar for myself as I suffer from a bad migraine all the time. I stress out a lot so that gives me a bad headache. Hoping medicine all the time is not advisable, hence I got this. Roll-on is always easier to carry. It even fits in my jeans pocket, I love how pocket friendly it is. Love the smell, easy to apply. It has worked pretty well for me. The oil is not oily on application and fragrance dissipates immediately. The product comes in 9ml package but it would last you long enough. Have been keeping it handy ever since I got it. Available on Amazon.

Blue Nectar Kumkumadi Ayurvedic Fairness Treatment for Face Glow 

Just been some time that I am using it. Oh, what a product. This kumkumadi oil provides adequate moisture to my skin. I use it at night a few drops on my damp skin so that it gets easily absorbed. I massage my face with my fingertips slow and gentle on circular motion. After using it, every morning you will make up with a soft, hydrated and glowing skin. It controls acne and fades light blemishes & spots and gives an even skin tone over some time. Suitable for almost all skin type and can be used by both men & women. Very affordable and versatile product. I love the packaging. It is super classy. Easy available on Amazon.

Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Sandalwood & Saffron Anti Ageing & Anti Wrinkle Skin Cream For Men – 50 Gm

So by mistake, I bought so by mistake I ordered the men’s cream. I checked it out when I received it and I was very disappointed that I ordered the men’s cream but I made good use of it I gifted it to one of my friends and ask him to review for each one of you. he wasn’t very sure but then he gave it all in and started using this product and this is what he told me. “ it is a great product after using it every day for about two weeks I saw a difference in my skin. The kind of the fine line of vanished, my skin looked much brighter. I could feel the Firmness in my skin. I was really happy with the product and I would love to continue using it I feel that I will see much more changes in my skin texture when I almost finished this product. 

Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Body Massage Bio Oil For Stretch Marks, Scars, Aging & Wrinkled Skin (100 Ml)

Shubhr Body Massage Bio-Oil Is great. due to my PCOD syndrome, I had put on a lot of weight and then loss equal amount of fat in my body. that left a lot of unwanted stretch marks all over. I was dealing with insecurities issues due to my stretch marks being so visible. I started using this product and it was very effective. this product has a unique combination of Manjisthadi Tailam, Kumkumadi Tailam, Varnoshodham and Almond Oil and 9 other Vital herbs improve the appearance of Stretch marks. no rashes and irritation so far, it’s been almost a month that I am using it and I am very happy with the result. I love the fragrance it gets easily absorbed in the skin it is very lightweight and keep the skin hydrated and moisturized all the time. 

One thing that I love the most about Blue Nectar Start every product is made in India and as we all are supposed to shop local I am happy to find a brand who lives up to my expectation when it comes to natural products. I also personally love their packaging. I would recommend all the products that I have used from this brand as I have enjoyed using them. very satisfied with the results. Do let me know if you want any specific review I would look into it. 

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    Thank you for your review! For the radiance glow nighttime serum, did you apply before or after a moisturizer? I’m curious as even though it’s a serum, I wonder if I should apply this after applying my moisturizer.

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