Group Travel VS Solo Travelling

So today I am going to talk about something that I have been asked often –How do I travel solo?

Don’t I get bored or miss the company of friends and family?

So I have done both solo and group travelling and I wanted you all to give it a read. This blog was pending for a long time so finally, here it is! For all of you to understand the difference between group travelling and solo travelling and it also depends on what is your taste and how you want to travel. It depends on different person to person. I enjoyed both solo and group travel but when I go for longer trips I would and always have been comfortable in choosing to go solo.

So let me first talk about group travel –  I am going to talk about both pros and cons.  So the pros of group travel are that the money gets shared between the number of people that you are travelling with because sometimes travelling to certain places can be expensive. So you alone don’t have to bear the entire cost for the same. You always would have somebody, to accompany you and keep you entertained. You would have somebody to take great Instagram pictures for you. You don’t have to ask strangers.

It is fun to be in a group as everyone looks out for each other but sometimes if your group and your mentality don’t match this can go wrong as well. Another thing that I realise about group travel is that it takes a lot of time to adjust with people so if you know your group well enough then it’s a piece of cake but if you don’t know the group that you are travelling with it might be a bit of a headache. 

Luckily I was travelling with my best friend and his elder brother and his wife so it was one of the most wonderful experiences that I had and it was my first ever group travel as well, so it was fun, it was entertaining. I didn’t have to plan much as my friend did all the planning all I had to do was sit back and enjoy the travel. He decided on all the places, where to go and when to go. This can also go wrong in a lot of groups, you can have misunderstandings of what you like and what the other person like so when you are in a group you always have to follow the majority when it comes to things about choosing a place to stay to choosing a restaurant and everything in between. Someone decides to take the entire charge of it, to do each and every booking according to their understanding, which can be irritating! Well, it didn’t happen with me so I would put forward that I had an awesome group to travel with and also the group that we joined later during our Sikkim trip. In total we were eleven of us, each and everyone was so understanding, so travel-friendly that we had an amazing time all together. Eleven of us from different places, from different mindsets but when it came to travelling we were thinking of a very similar line. We even woke up at 3 a.m. to travel to an unknown destination that one of our friends found out and shared with the group. Surprisingly everyone just said yes for travelling to that amazing place which was “Kala Pathar”. Which wasn’t in our schedule and we had to pay extra but everyone just happily agreed to explore the unexplored. So my take on group travel is that if you have the right group then well you are lucky enough if you don’t then you will have to bear the consequences for the same.

I am 100% solo traveller and I have been travelling solo since I was 16 years old.  I love everything about solo travelling because I am my Boss when I am travelling.  I can choose to stay anywhere as long as I want. I don’t have to go according to someone else’s plan which can be negative and can also be taken as a positive outlook. The biggest problem I face during solo travel is to get the right kind of Instagram pictures, as I have to ask random people to click a picture for me or else I have to just take a selfie. Which is one of the negative points that need to be noted? Jokes apart, Yes, definitely it gets lonely at times while travelling to some beautiful places and you feel like you want to share that moment with somebody but then there are times when you just want to be left alone. I am one of those people who likes to be left alone because I have been left alone most of my life, so now it comes very easily to me to just be alone with nature. With all the difficulties that I have faced in my life nature has been my only healer, my only comforter. Hence I would always choose solo travelling over a group trip.  I also go for longer trips which a lot of people are not comfortable with hence I am mostly travelling alone in different parts of India for months.

When you are travelling alone everything is your responsibility. If anything goes wrong or anything goes right. Each experience you face would be your responsibility and your lookout. It can be exhausting at times, as well as can be taken as the freedom to choose your path, your way and lead it just the way you want. Travelling itself is one of the most beautiful experiences in life that everyone needs to to make it a habit. It clears your mind and fills your heart with joy.  I have found my peace in travelling when my heart was into pieces. Hence, the conclusion is whether its a group trip or solo travel. Travelling is an important part of our life. You choose what you like and do as you like it. Live your life just the way you want to because after all at the end of the day you are your Boss and boss is always right!

I had been planning to write this for such a long time and am so glad I finally finished it and also the part that whether it’s a group travel or solo travel at this point of time I am missing travelling like anything and I can’t go back and hit the roads all over again. Till then stay safe and keep dreaming about travelling soon as I am daydreaming about it all day long.



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