Forbidden-love but love is love, isn’t it? The Review is worth reading

Hi, I hope all of you are doing well and you are safe so today finally I am back with another amazing creation of zee5. I have personally been fascinated by this latest series that is streaming on Zee5 premium, and I am happy to share this review with each one of you. in the modern era, there are different kinds of love. we still don’t have a definite definition of what love is, but we can leave it to to the old saying love is love. 

This series is an anthology of four different love stories called ForbiddenLove that revolve around emotions like jealousy suspicion secrets and all the different kinds of human emotions that comes naturally into a relationship.  These love stories are four different kinds of stories where the various characters are dealing with real-life problems which the audience can relate to. In this series #ForbiddenLove there are four different stories created by different directors and they are award-winning directors. the Expectations have been high since the premier was released and it met the expectations of the fans and everyone who has watched it till now – 

I want to give you a sneak peek of what you should expect when you are watching this series. I hope it will hook you so that as soon as you finish reading this blog you would be running to watch this amazing anthology which was released on 9th of September. I am so happy to come across search great content from Zee5.  The show is info different parts as I have already mentioned one of the stories are regards to arranged marriage The Other has a name called “Anamika”, the next one is rules of the game and the last but not the least diagnosis of love. The names have been pretty interesting, I remember the reveal of the first chapter in the official page of the OTT platform.

  • The first chapter which is known as arrange marriage featuring stars like – Patralekha, Ali Fazal, Omkar Kapoor etc. the story revolves around a homosexual couple, which has been directed by Pradeep Sarkar. As a couple who took vows regards to marriage, one of them tries hard to keep the relationship alive even when the relationship was forced as homosexuality according to the society is one of the illnesses that can be treated by not accepting the fact that a particular person can be a homosexual but getting them married within opposite gender can solve this issue, a typical thought of the society. I don’t know which era should I put them in. it was definitely of forced marriage as you can already understand but this story will help you understand how three people got entangled together just because what we call “ Log kya Kahenge”. it reflects different emotions and situations where all the people involved in the marriage and the relationship deal with their own identities. 

  • Chapter 2 This story has been directed by a well-known director Priyadarshan. this story is also very catchy as it revolves around a woman older woman who falls in love with a younger man. The cast for this story has been – Pooja K, Aditya seal, Harsh Chhaya etc in the lead roles. I don’t want to spoil by revealing some important points of this study but all I can give you is a hint that you will explore whether this ladies extramarital affair would be a new beginning for herself or would it just be fling that needs to be forgotten.
  •  We all are aware of the fact that after 5 or 10 years of marriage life things become very monotonous and also boring for most of the couples. the third episode or chapter which is directed by Aniruddha Roy Chaudhary. As the name says rules of the game I think you got a brief idea that it has to do something with role play. Starring actors like Ahaana Kumar and Chandan Roy Sanyal on the lead role who decides to Spice up their marriage life by playing games and experiencing role play. but the twist in the plot the game of role-playing might have taken them too far watch the episode to know what happened. 
  • Last but not least The final chapter. on the lead roles, we have actors like – Mahesh Manjrekar and Raima Sen. this episode is called a “Diagnosis of love.” Now diagnosis will give you an idea that one of the couples must be a doctor but in this story, both the lead actors who are married. both husband and wife are doctors who work in the same Hospital. things should be easy but it wasn’t as Raima Sen as a character started showing affection towards a junior doctor which leads to different kinds of thoughts jealousy and suspicion towards her by her husband. trust is such a big issue. 

I am hoping that the little sneak peeks that I could give you regards to all for stories will draw your attention and you will write away go and watch all the episodes which are streaming on Zee5 premium.

Let me know what do you think I would be e waiting for all your comments. As weekday work from home has kicked in, make the most out of it by watching this amazing anthology of the series Forbidden love.

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