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Hand Crafted soap,  yes you heard me right.

I have never use soap in my life that doesn’t mean that I don’t take bath just FYI. I’ve always been a shower gel person. I don’t know why even when the smell and packaging looked amazing I would still not use soap. I always had this thing in my mind that soaps are made out of harmful chemicals and it going to dry my skin and what not other assumptions. Not 100% of this is true. So when I started watching DIY soap making I was very interested because it looked so simple and easy but when I actually went to do it I made a mess out of it.  I failed miserably. But I always liked the idea of handmade soap and I kept researching about it. I did find some International brands making handmade soap and it was so expensive that I could not afford any of it, not even the tiniest one.

As a lot of you know that I lived in Calcutta.

I was born and brought up in Calcutta, the city of joy is full of artistic people. You name it you get it. You will find different people from all walks of life chasing their dreams and that is what I love. This is so beautiful because ultimately I am also doing the same.

So to give a little brief about Grandma’s soap and co. One of my friends introduced me to this husband-wife duo Garima and Rohan. When I came across them it was a very special purpose. I heard on weekends Garima initiated to make handmade soap. Apart from her everyday job, she started making handmade soap that excited me to the fullest.

I was really interested in meeting her, so I did visit her. Felt like I am always barging in someone’s house uninvited for stories. When I visited them believe me there were soap everywhere. They looked amazing, smelt delicious and she was actually making them at home. It was a pleasure watching her make soap; please mind that they are all 100% natural products.

I did get my hands on few of the products right away.

So there are few questions that I asked her over a period of time and this is what she could tell me –

“My name is Garima, & Kolkata is my home. I’ve always been fascinated with traditional handmade soaps since I was a little girl & my first batch of soap was created under the watchful eyes of my mentor, my Grandma : )”

That was just adorable and I am sure that Grandma’s have the best therapy and solution to everything.

So my immediate question to her was why did she start making handmade soap?

“None of the commercial soaps ever suited my skin, & so I started making soaps for myself, my friends, and my family. I realized that there were so many people like me who didn’t want to use commercial soaps & were looking for alternatives. There were quite a few handmade options available, but they were priced too high for everyday use.”

Yes, and I am sure that I am one of them who has never use soap unless and until I came across Grandma’s soap and co.

I think the name was quite easy to pick up Grandma soap and co. I think it is a self-explanatory name and I am sure Grandma is very proud today.

So over a period of time when she started making handmade soap for family and friends the idea of grandma soap and co. came into consideration; where she could help and reach out to more people wanting to use natural products and the company started taking shape.

I am an inquisitive little I’m always asking more and more questions

I wanted to know more as to what else other than soap she makes?

She had a whole list of products that she makes it was incredible. I have no idea how she manage her time at work and giving enough fuel to her passion.

“We’ve already launched many skincare products apart from traditional handmade soaps. We have a variety of facemask, face scrub, foot soak Etc. Since every product is handmade with the utmost care, we intend to keep the production volume relatively low to ensure the best quality product each time.”

She added a little more for me – “I enjoy doing this. & what better way if your passion and entrepreneurship go hand in hand”.

I think that is so true as everyone should follow their passion. I love the whole idea about following your passion and I love each and everyone who does that.

I wanted her to recommend me one of the products that is according to her the best product –

So she recommended the foot soak and she said that once I use it she promised that I will be in love with it because it is the best seller. So I had to use the foot soak. It helps to relax muscles, remove tan and the natural salts in them have a ton of amazing health benefits.

I think none of us really take care of our feet much and it is important, our feet takes the most amount of pain we are always on the run 24*7. So our feet does need extra care and attention. It is very simple to use. The foot soak needs to be pour out. Take 2 teaspoons of the foot soak in hot water and dip your feet for 10-12 mins and let the salts do the magic. Once done you’ll see the significant improvement from first use itself. It comes in 3 variants, and sizes.




100gm – 150/-

150gm – 225/-

200gm – 275/-


I did Grab a lot more than just the foot soak.

Here is a list of products for you, so that you can understand the variety of products skin care products that she makes and the price range of those products

Traditionally handmade Soaps – 100/- onwards
Face Packs – 200/- onwards
Face masks – 250/- onwards
Face scrubs – 250/- onwards
Foot soaks – 150/- onwards
Face gels(Day/Night) – 225/-
De tan scrubs – Customized only on request
Body butter – Customized only on request


She did let out a secret as well there are few products on the pipeline that they are going to launch very soon. Grandmas soap and co. is coming out with Hair-care range – Launching October’18

I am super excited.

All the products are made out of natural ingredients and safe synthetics. They are really really really super safe for your skin. I kept pampering my skin and I am sure after reading this you know where to pamper your skin from.

The link to get your own product from Grandmas soap and co. is given below.


So this conversation with Garima has happened oven months ago because I haven’t been to Calcutta recently. I have been in Mumbai and my stock was over and all I could do was to get in touch all over again. All I could think was about her and Grandma’s soap and co. So this had to be really special because when I visited the Facebook site of theirs I saw so many people writing so many things about them. Of course, good things because I am sure they are one of the best I have come across. So just don’t believe me but believe so many other people who got benefited from using products from Grandma’s soap and Co.


I am getting my refill soon,  why don’t you go and grab your because stocks are Limited.

Special mention photo credits – https://www.facebook.com/CrackedPotMedia/

With love from Grandma!

I meant me.




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