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Its all about following your passion. It can be anything. You must be wondering why am I talking about passion when my title talks about wedding gown!

Confused much?

No don’t start guessing I am not getting married, I wish too sometime soon. I am just here ready to tell you a story regarding a girl who followed her passion.

RD Fashion : By Rashmika Das

A girl from a small town who dared to dream at the age of 23. Its been 4 long years of her journey. Here I am bringing her story as I was inspired because there is so much to learn.

I got connected to her, by a common friend and the moment I overheard her story I knew that  I wanted to write her story. Honestly I have never met her in person. I just followed in face book for 2 weeks to find out about a little more about her journey before I approached her over a phone call to tell me about chasing her dreams. I knew that she wanted to tell me so much and whats better way to express than to write it down.

So here it is for you and me to go over her story –

It gives me an immense pleasure writing these lines on my journey so far, from being a simple girl to a fashion designer.

It all started with a likeness towards wearing new clothes in every occasion that I went to. As every girl dreams to wear the best dress and look the best I dreamed the same. So initially I started making my own dresses at home and would always be overjoyed after making them. I was happy with that small achievement of my. Whenever I used to go out wearing my own stitched cloths I was appreciated a lot; by my friends and relatives. They used to encourage me by telling me that “you have got such a great talent.” Those powerful words were sheer motivation for me, and then one fine day I decided that I will not waste my talent anymore.

The initial struggle part was quite challenging for me as nobody in my family was accepting my decision of doing a fashion designing course. They had a lot of negative thought in there mind. They kept asking me questions like –

“what will you do after the course ends?”

“You cannot do such course.”

“You will be wasting your time.”

“There is no scope for future”.

Although I heard a lot, way more from almost everyone in my family and surroundings but still, I stood strong. In fact very strong on my decision of doing a fashion designing course from MATS University Raipur (Chhattisgarh).

I traveled almost 95 km daily from my home to university for my studies. Then at night, I used to complete my studies, project works and client orders as well. Oh I clearly remember about these days. It was very much challenging I used to be in tears. I used to pray a lot and ask God to guide me with his wisdom and to protect me from all evil. To give me the strength so that I can keep moving forward even when I am exhausted.

I topped my university in fashion designing. Hard work payed off. It gave a kick start and I headed towards a new journey of being a fashion designer. My parents saw my talent and appreciated a lot much later, I went ahead on establishing a boutique of my own with the help of my family members.

I started getting orders from clients on regular basis and they also saw my talent and work, my work was appreciated a lot. I never looked back from then and still trying to establish my self and to make my own identity and benchmark in the fashion industry. For a girl it is really very tough to fight out and to make her identity, the society still does not see men and a women the same way that they need too also coming from a small town there is a lot of restrictions as well to grow. I believe after reading the story of my I only want to convey a message to more and more parents out there to believe that there child can do what he/she believes in. I want to world to know its always okay to chase your dreams, to get inspired. I look forward towards women empowerment and work for their uplift-meant.

I am a strong believer of the fact that only hard work pays you at the end.

My clients who trusted me and believe me all these while

I am really thankful to all those who have believed me and nurtured my potential. It would not have been possible without people trusting me that I will be able to delivered the perfect wedding gown for the best day of there life. I feel blessed that I have been through such beautiful people around me because without them I wouldn’t have been here and existed so far. My heart goes out and out to thank everyone who has guided me on this beautiful journey of my.

I remember shedding tears after reading her story. I believe in chasing my dreams so here I am telling stories. If you want to check more design. She customized gowns for all occasion, all shapes and sizes. She specialize is Christian wedding bridal gown and accessories. For now her achievement is that she has made it so far. Recently, there is a overflow of order from all around India. So it is keeping her on her toes.

Its never too late or too early to start following your passion.

Live don’t just breathe.


Shalini, your storyteller



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  1. Who said Woman can not compete or can not succeed in a new start up attempt or as a matter of fact in any business ventures.
    And for those non believers is an eye opener for them to change their views and opinions about women enterpreuners..
    Believe and support women empowerment.

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