Have you #ShareTheLoad yet?

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Once again I am here to talk about something that motivates me, make changes in my life and my thought process. You must have seen the recent ad Share The Load, by Ariel. The pandemic has brought a lot of people closer especially families started doing things which they never used to do like cooking together and cleaning together.  Men or women who didn’t know how to cook or clean or take part in any kind of household activities this lockdown taught them to put their interest into what they haven’t done before. 

Many campaigns started during this time and as I said one of the campaigns that moved me the most was #ShareTheLoad 

It has been trending on social media. I am sure that this wasn’t surprising. The statistics showed that 71% of women sleep less than men due to house whole Chaos kind of awakened many hearts. It was a great way to teach kids how to do their own laundry to be self-sufficient. To all the men who you did not have the time to learn how to operate a washing machine and put cloth for washing.  it was fun to watch all the videos on social media to see families coming together.  each one shared a unique Bond over sharing their household loads. 

I was 20 years old,  I did not know how to do my own laundry because my mother used to do it for me. When I shifted to a new city I had to do it all by myself and that’s the time I realise how important it is to balance life in general and household chaos.  hats off to all those who have done it so far without a single complaint. It was very refreshing to see those endless videos and posts in regards to this campaign. I was happy to see that so many people made such a significant change in their life.  It definitely brought a lot of joy in the households and a positive change well in society. 

In our whats app school group, we started sharing pictures of all the household work we started doing recently. It is fun to see all the boys sharing pictures of them doing the laundry, cleaning utensils, cooking and doing much more. It is even a great way to stay fit, motivated. Nothing like to be productive, during this lockdown.

It’s a request to all those who haven’t watched the video yet.  I  have been in love with the video and sharing it with my friends and family so I am putting down the link for you to watch it as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAKvjRMcPU0

#ShareChoresMultiplyLove #ShareTheLaundry #ShareTheLoad you can also take part and some amazing prizes

So what are you waiting for, let’s get started? One price I am very sure of that you are going to win when you share the load is that you will win hearts of your family members you will see Enjoy on their face and that is going to light up your life much brighter. As happiness is contagious will #ShareTheLoad and help in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda



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