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Yes, I know skincare routine and easy. Never goes hand in hand but once you finish reading this blog you will believe me. It is easy to take care of your skin. So this blog was super easy for me to write down,  as I am not a makeup person at all. I have recently developed my love for makeup and skincare. So this blog is basically about skin care from head to toe.

My mother always told me that skincare is really important, she must be very proud at this present moment.  I have always denied the fact that skincare is important till I was home, so when I relocated I realized that I am facing a lot of problems like dry skin,  hair fall, cracked heels, chapped lips to name a few and it was so difficult to get the right product.

So in a course of time I used a lot of product,  some help some did not help at all.

So I am going to mention few products that I used over one month that have helped me drastically to at least get my skin backing in track.

I’ve always believed in natural products, so I have done a few research over a course of time.

and here is a result out for you

two wheeler start from my hair I was having serious hair fall problem,  I had a really long hair with I had to chop it off it was really really sad moment for me.  but then I decided to find a product for myself so that I don’t have to do this again.

  1. Parachute advanced scalp therapy – so when I thought that I am just going to be bold Because I travel so much. the weather water and pollution really damaged to my hair.  I tried some homemade remedies but some of those were very Messy and smelly. and with my tight schedule, I could do not work it out. so when I heard about parachute advanced I tried looking for it in the nearest Store it was hard to get,  so I ordered it from nykaa. 100 ml for 150 Rupees which was pretty reasonable. I am using this product from past 1 month and it has helped me drastically. my hair fall has reduced and my head feels thicker than usual. it is a hair oil so I use once a week at night and wash it off with a mild shampoo in the morning,  it also got a very soothing smell. which really help me to sleep well at night.

2. Vaadi Herbals foot cream with clove oil and sandalwood – it was about 30 gram for rupees 48,  I really did not think that it will work well, but vola it did. it worked like a miracle. I washed my feet at night With warm water and I apply the cream and slept off.  next morning my heels work perfectly soft. I can’t tell you I will jumping joy. I didn’t have very bad cracked Heels but I had cracked heels. it also leaves your feet scented.  it also helps in lightening dark patches in my feet after a regular use for about 1 and a half months.

3. Vaadi Herbals Kesar Chandan facial bar –  I have heard about this facial bar from a friend of mine and I thought that I should use it as it had Saffron sandal and orange peel.  the facial was really handy and I always believe that so for a 25g I paid 33 rupees. After of using it for a week, the tanning was reduced, there was a glow my face it kept the skin soft and smooth.  and I love the smell. I am obsessed with products that smells good. this is also a handmade product which includes Essential oils which are brilliant for your skin. I use it twice a day apply all over your wet face and massage it for like 5 minutes and wash it off with cold water.

4. Vaadi herbal Blueberry lip balm –  so the key ingredients was shea butter kokum butter Soya oil and wheat germ Oil. I had chapped lips after a regular use of this product my lips are really soft.  jokingly I do say that it is kiss ready. this product is once again really Handy comes in various flavour. very pocket-friendly because it is just 35 rupees. one of the most affordable lip balm I had ever come across.


5.. Vedantika Herbals body scrub-  this body Scrub have liquorice and oats –  both of this money in ingredients is one of the oldest natural ingredients used for skin care.  for a 5 gram pack, it was 40 rupees. so when I read the application it said to mix with milk curd or water to form a paste.  I had no time so I mixed it with water and applied it all over my body. let it dry for few seconds and then Scrub it off. I didn’t understand the difference right then and there but after 12 hours I realise that my skin was not dry anymore it left the skin breathable. It felt soft smooth and supple.

6. Vedantika Herbals facial scrub –   so describe had oats hub nuts and pulses and it is a daily scrub.  I used it only twice in a month. this product I had mixed with milk raw milk to form a  paste. I added a few drops of honey as well. apply date all over my face and gently scrubbing it for about 15 minutes.  I washed it off with cold water. it did not reach my skin the tiredness on my face was gone and it exfoliated dead cells so immediately I looked Radiant and my complexion was glowing.  you can use it every week if you wish to get a Radiant skin. for a pack of 5g, it is rupees 40. available in nykaa

7.Sheet mask – as I said I am a very lazy person so sheet Mars has been a lifesaver for me that I have always been in love with sheet mask I use different kinds of sheet mark from different companies but my favourite of all time is Sheet masks from the face shop.  they have a variety of sheet mask. each sheet mask is about hundred rupees which are very affordable all you have to do is put the face marks on your face and relax for half an hour. recently when I was ordering it from nykaa I ordered 7 and I got 7 more free I think it was one of the steal deal.  few of my favourite flavour sheet mask or Honey face mask, rice face mask, lingzhi face mask. oh, there are endless.

8. The Body Shop shower gel –  there is a lot of flavours you can use any of them that you like so this shower gel is actually soap free and it got a delicious smell the fragrance actually last long which is something that I love and I have been using this product for past 1 year.  after every shower, your body feels soft smooth and refreshed. this shower gel pampers you I can bet on that your skin will feel rejuvenated and moisturized after every bath. it is about 325 rupees for 250 ml.

9. Avon simply delicate gentle feminine wash –  intimate hygiene is a must and I believe in that.  for every woman out there, intimate hygiene is something that you need to involve in your daily routine.  I have been using the intimate wash for a couple of years now. and no matter which profession you are and you need to have your intimate wash and the so  Avon simply delicate gentle feminine wash 100ml cost about 199 rupees and it is one of the best that I have used, the skin feels fresh and protected it has a very pleasant smell it comes in a liquid gel form sweet leather easily.  due to tight clothes usually a lot of time I have ever come across rashes and irritation but this actually helped to cure those rashes and irritation the daily use product. and a bottle last for about three months even if you use it each and every day.  you can feel fresh all day using this product.

10. Dove Advanced Hair Series – Damaged hair is a serious problem.
I have been using Dove conditioner for about 1 month now. I’m very picky and choosy when it comes to hair products.
As my hair has gone through some serious damage due to colouring, pollution and what not.
When I started noticing the damage I have caused to my hair I freaked out and need to take a step in to fix it.
Researched a bit and found this product – Dove Advanced Hair Series
Regenerative repair for extremely damaged hair.
It worked like magic, I use it twice a week. Over a months time my hair is nourished, repaired and healthy.
It’s my must recommended product for damage hair.
I am in love with it.

These are my top 10 products that I used daily,  and this product has genuinely helped me in my daily life.  I don’t have to take extra effort since I got these products handy.

So if you are as lazy as me or if you are looking for a solution to the problems that I was also facing it personally I think you can try out these products and It will surely help you.  Of course, you have to use this product for about a month also to notice the difference. so please don’t worry if you are not getting any results patiently and use it on a daily basis so that you can notice the difference yourself.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this if there is anything more I can help you with please send me a mail you can comment below.

Much Love




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