How Could She Fall In Love With A Divorced Man

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I don’t know if depression is the right word but when you get married, no man thinks about separation. She made a choice to move on with my best friend but I reconsidered her back. Things didn’t work out. After a year she realized that she had never loved me and decided to walked out of the marriage. I had no other choice other than signing the divorce papers and I needed help to deal with the situation.

Our story goes long back, me and my ex wife had been school time sweetheart. Too much of emotional turbulence to deal with and I was sulking. I had never ever dated anyone other than my wife ex-wife. so, of course, the pain was equal to a loss of life. As men, we are more practical and honest. We are stupid we over think when there is no need and we don’t when it is needed.

My 2nd wife my best friend my everything she walked into my life like a storm, more over she came into my life like a tsunami and who likes that every day?

I like silence and she is nowhere close to being silent. I have seen her grow up. Like u meet someone when She is in school and then suddenly after a long gap you bump into the same person in a different situation doesn’t change anything. I would always look at her the way I saw her years ago. She is 15 years younger to me this was impossible. I have had seen way more life When I met her.

I never thought that I will wake up to such a crazy woman I don’t know what good I did in life to deserve her.

I often think I am selfish to let her in my life.

I have given up more than I should and it’s pathetic to find someone in today’s world who just doesn’t give up wouldn’t give up. She never gave up on me. She made me question everything I believed in.

I had a happy normal life – work, friends, home, sex but since she walked in everything changed. she made me think so many things and I was already exhausted. Innocently she would say so much with such ease “heavy words” that you can’t even argue.

So when she actually told me that she wants to spend the rest of her life with me, I thought that was one of the silliest things I could have ever come across. I was divorced and 15 years elder to her. I treated her like a baby. The first question came to my mind was that this cannot be real. She is just very young and it’s just an infatuation she will get over it if I block her.

You feel nice to hear from someone that you actually add value to someone else’s life so I enjoyed it but questioned a lot more why? and how? Also that things like this comes to your mind “when a very perfect relationship did not work out how can something so abstract workout?” The other questions would be “why would someone like to spend life with a divorcee?” “Someone so young how do I trust?” Tomorrow if she finds someone else and goes away this is going to hurt me way more than what it already did. It’s easy to say take it on but when the situation was right in front of me I didn’t know what was the right thing to do other than telling her that she is wasting her time.

I did feel loved when she told me things I heard those convincing words after a long. I actually felt something but yet I was in a complete denial mode. It’s very difficult it’s like you’re trying to protect her as well as yourself and because you are already damaged you don’t want to damage yourself the second time. Every day I would ask myself why would someone even say something like this what did I do? She doesn’t know me. She will dislike me the moment when she gets to know about me. She has a long way to go and I will just be an obstacle if I say yes.

I am not going to be selfish because I cannot give her anything not even can tell her that I like or love her. The thoughts piled up and I kept telling myself I don’t even like her but each time she walked in front of me I would be like a cat and then over text and phone call I would ignore blast and say what not.

My mind would keep telling me she is so childish she will find someone else tomorrow and go away so deal with it as long as you can, make her understand it’s going to hurt her but then you are doing it for good. People do fall in love in a mysterious way even in a single touch of the hand.

This I don’t know what it was. I don’t even remember how many time I have been mean to her. I have sent her the meanest thing so that she would just go away. She was so stubborn which was more annoying.

So when she came down to Bangalore my heart was very scared it kept asking me now what next? I wanted to say yes for the sake of it but I also did not want to but when I looked at her I knew she was longing for a yes. I told her yes with a thought in mind that life will be difficult and In no time she will run away. I told her to start living in with me. So that she understand that everything is not a bed of roses maybe you can say that I told her that out of my own selfish REASONS.

That one YES had brought so much happiness on her face. She became my neighbor.

I would think that she doing it for me and she said that she is doing it for her?

What is it?

All I always wanted was a home for her and that now I walked this way. I didn’t know what I was going to do but at one point I just didn’t want her to get hurt even if it would not work out.

We got married, just like day. Normal cloths nothing fancy but the joy in her face couldn’t even match up to thousand lights that glitters in wedding venues.

The day I sign the papers till today I still don’t know why she loves me. Some magic something just happened and I am trying to put it out in words. I took a chance, I took a leap and I am glad I did, then I would have never known what is actually feel like to be in love and I would have been the person missing out on it forever. I would not even know the privilege of being someones all in all. No fancy wedding No honeymoon still she was so happy it was too good to be true.

I kept waiting that tomorrow the reality will stuck and she won’t be there and I would prepare myself every single day that this is momentarily and how previously things have washed away for you this is also going to wash away after 6 – 7 month. A terrible struggle within myself within me.

I had to go and accept that I just fell in love with her for she could love me for no reason and since then there was no turning back. Something good can happen with your life I never believed that it happened to me in the most unexpected way possible. Who takes life’s decision in 18 hours? I Imagine life to be work fun party sex that’s all but life had something else in store for me altogether. Who knew that this can also happen. I still sometimes wonder that what did I do to deserve this? She is like a superhuman doing everything and then to love me unconditionally. All I could do was self-doubt question reason and be mean to her.

She takes all the revenge now because she knows that I am equally madly in love with her.
It is a great journey together so far and now that Rahul is going growing up. Yes, we have a son he is 1year old. I feel scared that he will call me a grandfather, I lost all my hair. She would still make fun of things. I have completed everything in life, has seen it all now life is a complete circle.

It was a lot of pressure but it looked like a cakewalk for her still does. No cribbing no complaining how?

I guess there are ​people like her there are people like you who are born out of defect and it’s very difficult to trust but there is this thin line where your heart for once silently whispers take the chance ​you just have to hear it and if you miss it with all the noises in the mind and surroundings and everywhere you miss it forever. So it’s very important to take that chance of listening to the Whisper from your heart.

Thank you this just made me realized it’s been 6 years and I never told her what she means to me, she is my life.It would have been  meaningless without her. I know that the place I was in, before I met her  it wasn’t a great place to be but now I know life has weird things in-store. It is very difficult for a guy to cope up with sudden changes.

We are fools and it is not an easy path. We Like it less complicated and more organised in thoughts words and deeds.

Love has its own way of making you do things, so just do it. Get your Happily Everafter everyone deserves it.


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