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When creativity is your ‘Forte’, you will be unstoppable, the quest to bring the best in everything makes you keep going, because creativity is all about experimenting, growing and having fun while working. When the creative mind gets together with passion, focus and dedication, your ideas and work move ahead with leaps and bounds. Just like the amazing fashion brand House of blouses.

House of blouses is a brainchild of Rachana Reddy and Co-founder Roopa Reddy. Roopa Reddy is a woman of grit and looks at life through a wider lens, having experience in different spheres of life, she has done a lot of voluntary work with old age homes and later with research hospitals in the USA and also exploring different arts and sports like martial arts, kickboxing and kalari payattu and various form of dance. She has also participated at the National level in a little-known sport called Rope Mallakhamb. After moving back to India, she decided to study Fashion Designing

Pursuing her passion she had a huge inclination towards fashion, everything in business starts with a simple idea, and a strong intention to make the work easy for the customers. House of Blouse was founded to make a mark in the online fashion business, they have started with the customization of blouses with different combinations of designs available and picked the most suitable one according to the occasion and taste of the customers. House of Blouse has made it easy for the fashionistas to pick their blouse just by a click. Roopa Reddy and the team have started with a small collection of blouses to give an idea to the customers about their work and yes people were attracted to the splendid idea of customized blouses. Soon House of blouses scaled up and started pre-designed, ready-to-shop blouses and saree pairings.

House of Blouses treats the customer with utmost love and makes everything seamless. Avant-garde, out-of-the-box designs with high-quality fabrics and workmanship, with an emphasis on fit and finish. Fully customizable options. Personalized attention to customers, a free alteration policy for all our Indian customers, with free pickups and shipping. Just all in all hand-holding our customers through the process while coming up with scintillating designs in every collection is one of the reasons behind creating a successful brand.

As the pandemic had a hard hit on everyone, House of Blouse has also suffered financial and personal but as I already told creative minds are unstoppable, they got back on track with flexible hours for employees and work-from-home options. The amazing business model of House of Blouse always prioritizes their dedicated team of employees and going forward the brand would focus much more on international customers. House of Blouse has an empowering vision to be a brand with passion and purpose, help their employees constantly grow, prosper and celebrate the ‘Joy Of Dressing Up’.Co-founder and creative head of House of Blouse, Roopa Reddy aims high and plans to new-great social media branding and connecting more with the supporters in a more meaningful way, be it Social Media or Newsletters. She strives to fly high with the mantra Never say ‘ever’ and never say ‘never

House of Blouse is on a mission to create a fun and delightful ‘design to delivery experience for the new age women online who may not have the time or inclination to source quality custom blouses elsewhere. With the products being custom-designed ethnic & fusion blouses. They aim to be a leader and the first choice for custom blouses for women using ethnic fabrics. 

Women have a great preference towards sarees and designer blouses, and of course, they would love to customize it as per their choice of colour and design but it is equally difficult to get everything as per your taste, House of Blouse has it sorted for you, Checkout to create a spark with your outfit in your next celebration. House of blouses offers quality designer blouses at a reasonable price, currently, it has a ‘Ready-To-Shop’ section and a ‘Bespoke’ section. A basic blouse in the Bespoke section with the customer’s fabric starts at Rs.1,800 and the prices change according to fabrics and trims picked. House of Blouse also has a small range of embroidered blouses on the Ready-To-Shop site which goes up to Rs.12,000 for the top variant.

Lost Love Adventure wishes you great success, in all your future endeavours and yes House of Blouse is surely a ‘Go-To’ place to pick your favourite blouses for saree pairings.



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