11 Interesting Facts About Saree

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#6 Contributes to the Economy

Fascinating isn’t it? Who would’ve thought that a Saree could actually help millions of handloom artisans in our country? As per a survey conducted by the Textile Industry of India, saree contributes immensely to boosting the economy as millions of workers are appointed in various factories spread across the country.

#7 Dominates the Western Culture

Even after a strong influence of western dominance in our country, Sarees have still managed to hold a concrete place in the textile sector.

#8 Holds a Sentimental Value

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A sari is indeed the perfect souvenir that can be passed from generation to generation, and beyond. It is deeply rooted within our culture and traditional values, and it also holds an auspicious significance among Hindus.

#9 An International Trend

Sarees are evergreen! They are being loved across the whole world and are popular in other countries too apart from India including Nepal, Bangladesh.

#10 Mekhela Chadar

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Mekhela Chador or Mekhela Chadar is a unique type of saree that comprises two pieces of cloth, draped separately on top and button. It is a traditional attire of Assam where women drape this garment in several parts.

#11 The Colors Say it All…

Each colour of the saree has a unique meaning and significance. For example, a red-coloured saree is often worn by the bride, white colour is known for spirituality or worn by the widows while mourning. On the other hand, in ancient times, a blue-coloured saree was usually seen worn by the working class, artists, and weavers.

There were 11 interesting facts about saree that will make you fall in love with this gorgeous, most loved attire of India. Were you aware of these fascinating facts? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments space!



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