How To Take Care Of Your Skin While Travelling

What are the things you plan for while travelling – tickets, stay, food, expenditure? But, what about your health and the wellbeing of your skin? Yes, this is something that gets relegated to the back burner more often than not. Our skin is ageing fast. The reasons for this are many like sun damage, genetics, pollution, the lack of nutrition, drinking alcohol, smoking, and being dehydrated.
The problem is that skin ageing is not reversible. People spend millions on all kinds of anti-ageing treatments, but wrinkles once formed can’t be erased.

This is why planning to safeguard your young, unlined skin from photo-damage should be on the top of your agenda while travelling. The following tips will ensure that you reach your destination with a skin that looks refreshed and rested.

Top 6 Tips for Maintaining Your Skin on the Go

1. Drink More Water

You most often forget to drink water while on the go. Air travel is more dehydrating than travelling by road. This is because aeroplane cabins have extremely low humidity. And this causes your skin to become dehydrated even more quickly. Since the dry air in the cabin is re-circulated, it sucks the moisture from your skin, leaving it looking haggard. It makes dry skins drier and oily skins more oily.

The reason! – When skin loses its water, it tends to produce more oil, and your hitherto oily skin becomes more oily.

2. Carry Enough Moisturizer in Your Bag

You must have hydrating cleansers and moisturizers in the cosmetic bag that you carry with you while travelling. Do not forget a hand cream as the skin on your hands is at high risk for getting wrinkly and dry due to water-loss. Remember to apply and re-apply your moisturizer. The longer your flight, the more frequently you should moisturize. Remember, your skin will thank you for doing so.Do also carry a good facial cleanser. Pack in one with less surfactant that dries out your skin. More foam means a cleaner has more surfactant and dangerous chemicals.
Go for a mild face cleanser. You can carry cleaner strips too to remove the dirt and pollution plus the extra oil produced by your facial skin.

3. Don’t Forget to Apply Sunscreen While Travelling.

This applies more if you are flying. While you are sitting on an aeroplane, you are the closest to the sun. The windows, unfortunately, aren’t capable of filtering out the damaging UV rays.Even while travelling by car or train, you are getting exposed to skin-ageing UV rays. So cover-up. Wear a moisturizer with SPF 30 or more, lower the shades and choose an aisle seat over a window seat in a plane. You can even wear a scarf or a cap.

4. Pack Some Sheet Masks and Facial Mist Spray

Face masks and facial mist sprays are a must-have for everyone. A face mist is extremely hydrating and will keep your skin hydrated and refreshed throughout your trip. What happens when you spritz it on your face, is that you give a much-needed moisture boost to your skin. This helps the most when you have dry to normal skin.

Sheet masks are treatment soaked papers that can be applied to your face while travelling. They don’t take any extra space in your baggage and can keep your skin soft and hydrated. They are basically an alternative for the serums and hydrating creams that you will miss while travelling.If you are flying to a colder climate, your skin will dry out even more and these two products will come in handy.

5. Keep Your Hands Away from Your Face

This will avoid or minimize breakouts. Your hands tend to pick up bacteria by touching surfaces. When you brush them against your facial skin, you can infect your skin with dangerous bacteria and viruses that can cause multiple skin issues. Keep washing your hands with an antibacterial hand wash or sanitizer so that they remain clean and you don’t transfer bacteria into your food or onto your face.

6. Do Skip Makeup

Remember makeup is a strict no-no while travelling. You should stay away from creams, tinted moisturizers, powders and foundation as the changing weather conditions and atmosphere may cause your skin to break out. Foundation and face powders dry out your skin even more.It is best to stick with a light day cream with SPF to let your skin breathe.The best defence against skin damage while travelling is being knowledgeable and empowering yourself to take care of your skin health before it’s too late. Be sure to get some great sleep in transit, too, as this has untold skin benefits.

Do follow these skincare tips while travelling to have hydrated and toned skin when you alight from the plane or train at your destination.

Happy travelling!

Author’s Bio – Nidhi Khurana is a happy-go-lucky girl who loves to write. Started as a pastime, writing became her passion and now she dabbles between lifestyle and travel writing. She is a blogger at 365 Gorgeous, a blog dedicated to keeping you gorgeous, always. It is a one-stop solution for all your beauty, skincare, and hair care needs.



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