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Let us talk about Nostalgia! What is it?

“Nostalgia is the warm, fuzzy emotion that we feel when we think about fond memories from our past,” explains Erica Hepper

 I was glad to get introduced to this brand. They have a story to tell which can be related to all age groups. Vinay Kothari was on a trek in the Western Ghats in 2016. They stopped for a chai break to a local shop and came across simple homemade delicious Jackfruit bars. You wanted why these are not available back at home in Bengaluru! This thought was stuck in his head as he belongs from the gigantic FMCG company like ITC for 9 years. Personal experience with the product got implanted in his mind. While coming back home for his friends and family he bought about 30 kgs of local products to sell it at a stall in a Flea market little did he know that he would run out of that entire stock within a day. 

This is when GO Desi was formed. 

Well, when I first received the GO Desi box my dad got excited seeing it. He remembered how they used to get such things right outside their school. After we tasted the Desi Pops my dad was craving for more and he told me that he would love to get another box just for himself. His eyes lit up just talking about old memories, I never realised before, that a simple flavour can bring so much of nostalgia.

His inquisitive behaviour, made me dig more about Desi Pops. It was great to know, from the packaging to the food, everything is inspired by local arrangements and the flavours are sourced from the rural kitchens, which brings employment to the local women. As their production unit is at the farm gate, all raw elements are sourced from next door. Every ingredient has it’s a unique flavour, and the flavour depends upon the area it is grown in. When he started to GO Desi in March 2018. The brand was operated by 3 team members including Vinay and his sister and Akhil Operations Head –now they have a Core Team of approximately 9 people and they work with more than 75 micro-entrepreneurs in different villages across Karnataka. They are growing every day and the company give priorities and employees women in general. I was glad to know that 80% of employees are women. They have a Farm to Shop policy. They are always in constant touch with the farmers to get the fresh available seasonal fruits.

They have created a sustainable ecosystem. They have also included the local NGOs, Foundations and Co-operatives. Honestly, after knowing about them my heart was touched. I personally got in touch with Vinay and had a conversation with him. He seemed to be a wonderful, focused, cooperative human being.

Their best seller is the Imli pop which is now also available in kaccha aam, real aam, these desi lollipops are priced at an affordable Rs 20 per four units. Made it into a lollipop and the flavour which is a big hit among all age groups. You should give it a try I am sure you would love everything about it.

You can mail them on: welovetalking@godesi.in Call: +91-9353756891 (Mon to Fri: 10 am to 6pm)

Shop now from – https://godesi.in/



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