I Said ! It was A BAD DAY | – Aspiring Artist NISHITA ASWAL

Friendship over social media, I know a lot of you have friends over face book and Instagram who you have never known or met but then somehow connected.

Nishita and my friendship also evolved over a Facebook comment. She needed real life stories while I opt to share my story with her. Unaware of the fact that, she herself is a shop of talent. After about 4 phone calls long chats and endless whats app it just so happened that I didn’t feel like she is a stranger to me, or the fact that I have hardly known her. When I started following her in Instagram I was awestruck. Here it is why I called her a “shop of talent”

I Said ! It was A BAD DAY

He came back late from work, that night he was wearing the same black shirt I gifted him as a symbol of love.

I was standing just in front of the dressing table, removing my red bangles from my right hand, I said, “Apko kuch chaiye ho toh btana.”

I continued telling him about how  I fainted in the morning and about the cramps that were eating me from inside,

He was still and he was quite like the crack comes in the sky and then he shrugged off, “it was a bad day”

I stared at him wanting to have the longest conversation but the flames in his eyes were reciting a different story. He started walking towards me, step by step, button by button.

And When he was done unbuttoning his shirt he stopped and whispered in my ear, ” I SAID IT WAS A BAD DAY.”

I turned around and I said not today.

He Grabbed my waist

I said I’m not feeling well

He pulled my hairs

I said couldn’t

He champed my lips

I said stop

He pressed my boobs

I said please

He opened my bra

I said no

He said you are my wife.

And wife, I remember when I turned 18 my mother once taught me that “true power of a woman is in the red sindoor on her forhead, in  the mangalsutra beautifully hanging on her neck, in the bichiya she wears no matter how much they hurt and in her suhag for whom she left her family,

 she told me women are nothing without their men “


So every other night I let the snakes in his hands crawl over my thighs

I let the river in his thirsty lips flow over my neck

I let the beast in his belly sleep over my body

I- let-him gift me the pain as the symbol of love

It was a bad day, it is always a bad day.

Hi, I’m Nishita Aswal and l’m 19 years old. I’m persuing mass communication and Journalism but I’m still searching what I actually want to be in life and to be honest I don’t have any regrets for it. According to me we should keep exploring ourselves and that’s what I’m doing. I’ve recently done my internship in BW Business World, currently working as a freelancer and also running my own start-up. I just love to work. So I keep doing work with different people and different companies to learn more and I just keep trying to know where I actually belong. But the only thing I didn’t stopped doing in all the hustle bustle is to write. Since my childhood I love to write. I started my Instagram blog in 2017 where I post all my write-ups. I  just love to write poems and just love to perform them. I started attending open mic and slam events from last year. And that’s when I’ve decided to start organizing events and making a platform for the budding talent. But as they say everything takes time. This dream also took a long time to get it’s shape and name.

I finally started ‘Raging Poetry’ https://www.instagram.com/raging_poetry/ with two of my friends this year in August. We are organizing poetry events, workshops, recently we organized a slam poetry event in a college of Delhi University. We are also promoting the talent by hosting a special shoot and uploading the videos of performers on social media.

This is one and greatest achievement in my writing journey. The other one is when my 3 poems got published in a book called ‘Myriad’. 

I don’t know if writing is my career or not, if I’m ever going to achieve a title of Writer or not but the only I thing I know is writing gives me happiness and I just can’t give up on it. I just love to write poetries, to perform, to address people, to motivate them and to inspire them. 
Want to read more and follow her, here it is – https://www.instagram.com/poetic._.spirit
Have a Great Weekend Readers
Love Shalini And Nishita



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  1. The words were placed coherently with so mch emotions….its kept me thinking to that kind of situation….i hope u write more ..about more issues….👍👍 ur profile looks promising….😊 hope so see more such things…!!

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