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Every day, thousands of people move to new cities to build a future for themselves, often having to leave behind a place once they called ‘home’. The journey of is about taking us closer to our memories. They explore every “shehar gully nukkad” across our magnificent culturally diverse country to get the traditional essence of the different towns and cities through the creations of the heritage-artisans and home-based artisans. They aim to curate our nostalgic moments safely for us.

Nitika Ghosh, the founder is still searching for her favourite reveries but in her long quest, she has come across inspiring stories, exemplary personalities and the beauty of art in myriad shades. Incredible artistic legacies from heritage artisan of Khurja; Dadoos Ceramics Group to the home-based artisan of Bihar; Rita.

Currently, they are aiming to tap the various art forms and home-based artisans from cities across India and aiming to go global. They provide handcrafted products straight from the artisans to the customer. thrives on the concept of helping artisans promote their products and display them on their website without any costs occurring to the artisan.

From city collection to home-based creator’s collection they have it all.

In conversation with the founder of

  1. Tell me something about you. Your life, career, family etc before you started your own brand

Hi, I’m Nitika Ghosh, founder of I started working at an early age to support my family but later on, when I found some stability, I went on to do my masters in business. In all my previous jobs I had observed closely the ways businesses operate and having worked in many departments, over time I gained an overall knowledge of how a business works which was what gave rise to my wish to have my own business and work on my own ideas.

2. How did you start this as a business?

We started earlier in 2019 through nothing but a plain vision of wanted to explore different art forms of our country, and eventually the world. I am an art enthusiast, so this is something I’m personally very passionate about and so in the back of my head I had always wanted to start a venture like

3. What are your next plans?

Currently, we are aiming to tap each Shehar in India and have different art forms from all the cities of India in our catalogue to display on our website Eventually, we would love to go global and explore art outside of India.

4. What lead you into this business? What brought forward this concept?

I had earlier been involved in a similar start-up, which was regarding the exploration of food across different cities of India, but since my interest lied in art, heritage and tradition, I decided to start Khoj .city to explore the same.

5. What is your speciality?

At, we proudly provide Handcrafted and Handmade products straight from the artisans to the customer. We help artisans promote their products and display them on our website without and costs occurring to them. We just wholeheartedly want to promote and preserve our heritage through art and I think that’s something that makes us stand out.

6. Mention some interesting facts (Do you make things on request?)

Since we have a no inventory policy, our products are Handmade on demand, that is, that the products only get made once the order is placed for it. Therefore, we can customize almost all of our products as per the customer’s demands except a few.

7.The different price range and Products availability?

Our price range is very wide, we stock items with prices as affordable as 250 such as some of our Marble articles and Ceramics to as luxurious as 20,000 for our exclusive Gulabi Meenakari articles from Banaras.

At, there’s something for everyone!

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