Let’s Educate Ourselves About E-waste

Our lives are highly dependent on electronic gadgets! With the advancement of technology, the everyday new and the better equipped electronic product is produced in the market. But just like every other product, electronic items have their own pros and cons. Old and damaged electronic products or e-waste are usually found in huge landfills. You might think you can easily dump your old mobile set into the dustbin, but let me stop you right here! As per studies, more than 50 million tonnes of e-waste are produced all over the world. The toxic chemicals released by these unused electronic products are very dangerous to our environment. E-waste is very different from normal and biodegradable waste products. Thus you cannot just dump your old electronic devices into the landfills. Continue reading, to learn everything about e-waste, just right here.

What Is E-Waste?

Electronic waste is popularly known as e-waste. The scrap produced from old or irreparable electronic items is termed as e-waste. Old and damaged mobile phones, washing machines, DVD players, etc are some of the classic examples of e-waste. The list goes on. Thus, to save the environment from harmful waste products, you must discard your e-waste in the most effective way possible.

5 Effective Ways To Dispose Off E-Waste

1. Visit An E-Waste Recycle Centre!

E-waste Recycling is concerned with reprocessing and reusing old electronic products. You can categorize your e-waste and drop them into certified E-waste recycling centres. Metals, glass, plastic, batteries, circuit boards, hard disks, etc are extracted from old electronic products and then these are reused for other purposes. For example, scrap batteries can be reused for fabricating stainless steel.

2. Donating Or Selling Old Electronic Items

Old electronic products which are still in their working state can be easily donated to nearby NGOs. If you want you can also sell out old electronic devices online. Quikr, eBay, Olx, Amazon Sell, etc are some of the popular e-commerce websites out there. Remember, all your personal data is saved in your laptops, computers and mobile phones, thus always format the data before giving the electronic gadgets to someone else.

3. Send Back Electronic Items

Nowadays, numerous companies have come up with exchange schemes. You can easily drop off your old electronic devices and buy a brand new electronic item! These giant companies usually allow a good amount of discount on new electronic devices.

4. Don’t Dump E-waste In Landfills!

As per the studies, most of the landfills available around the world are polluted with e-waste! You should never dump your e-waste in giant landfills. Toxic chemicals like mercury, beryllium, cadmium, lead, etc are released into the environment by e-waste. These chemicals are very harmful to the environment and they are severely dangerous for mankind.

5. Look For E-Waste Drop-Off Bins!

Nowadays, cities like Bengaluru, Delhi, Chennai, etc have come up with the concept of e-waste drop-off bins. Dump your e-waste in NGOs and collect e-waste drop-off points. Moreover, you can also call for an e-waste collection service at home. BMC E-waste Centre, SAAHAS, etc collects e-waste from your doorstep and thus ensure the environment is free from old and irreparable electronic products.

Use Cloud Services For Storing Data- Stop buying new electronic storage devices! With the help of cloud services, you can easily store your important data online. Moreover, cloud services are accessible from every corner of the world. It is a very convenient method of storing data. Cloud storage indirectly helps in reducing carbon footprints and thus helps in minimising e-waste.



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