Which food is the best to gain weight?

If you think gaining weight is an easy job! Then hey there, let me break the bubble for you. Gaining weight can be a real struggle for skinny people. We all desire to own a perfect figure. To add the right amount of weight to your body, you need to follow a proper diet schedule! So here is a solution for all the skinny people out there. We have curated a food list for you, add these items to your diet schedule and attain the figure of your dreams.

1. Eggs

If you want to gain lean muscles, then eggs should be on your diet schedule! It contains healthy fats which are highly essential for your body. Moreover, it is packed with high-quality protein elements, so you can munch on at least two eggs every day. Whether it is scrambled or boiled, eggs should always be on your breakfast menu.

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2. Nutritious Nuts And Nut Butter

Consuming nuts daily is not only good for your brain but is also highly beneficial for your body. Gain weight in the safest way possible, and add healthy calories to your diet schedule. From almonds to walnuts, you can munch on any nut you want.  If you cannot gulp a whole nut, then you can always opt for pure nut butter. Almond butter, Peanut butter and Cashew butter are some of the favourite nut kinds of butter out there.

3. Rice

Rice is packed with vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. A cup of rice is equivalent to 200 calories. Mainly we have three types of rice in the market, namely white rice, red rice and brown rice. Among these three, brown rice contributes the most to weight management. Brown Rice is even known as the best weight-gain food out there.

4. Whole Grain Bread

Start your day with a healthy sandwich! Yes, there is a variety of bread available in the market but you should always go for whole grain and seeded loaves of bread. Whole-grain loaves of bread are packed with good carbs and calories. They are rich in fibre and protein. You can always create a well-balanced meal with whole-grain bread, eggs, fresh veggies, meat and cheese.

5. Dark Chocolate

If you want to gain weight, then you should always prefer Dark Chocolate over Milk chocolate. Dark chocolate is rich in fats and calories. It is packed with essential antioxidants. Moreover, if you are looking for a good Dark chocolate bar, then make sure it is packed with 70% cacao solids. For a healthy nutritious dessert treat, dark chocolate should be on your diet list.

6. Cheese

Say yes to a good load of cheese! As per our study, 28 grams of cheese is equivalent to 110 calories and 7 grams of protein. If you want to gain weight, then a classic grilled cheese sandwich should be on your breakfast menu. Cheese is packed with fats and calories. So, you must consume it in moderation. It is available in countless varieties and you can easily incorporate it into a bunch of savoury and sweet dishes!

Other Food Items:

Apart from these food items, you can also incorporate meat, milk, cereal, cereal bars, dried fruit, legumes, pasta, potatoes and other high-calorie food items into your diet. Keep your weight in check, and eat the right amount of food. Always look for protein-rich food items! Nowadays there are also a bunch of protein powders and protein supplements available on the market, if you want you can also add these to your daily food schedule.



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