Let’s Visit The Grand Canyon – Far And Beyond Your Imagination

Let me Introduce you to Tony – Antonio Fernandes 

We were introduced by a common friend in Goa and this is what he wrote to me during the introduction –

“Tony is an amateur photographer. Shoots canon fullframe. By profession he’s an awesome musician. Plays the guitar, he has his own recording studio. Tony is also quite a traveler, been to many places in the world. He would take us around to Redi Fort Goa”

Now this reminds me that I have to make a blog about Redi Fort, Goa. I will not get diverted from the topic, getting back to the story of Grand Canyon. I met Tony personally I met him in Goa, we went to Redi Fort. I was impressed by his music and he also sketch in his free time.

As most of you must be admiring the introduction, I got glued to the line

“Tony is also quite a traveler, been to many places in the world”


Since then I have been harassing him to tell me his travel stories. So here is the first one for now for you and me –

Did I hear that somewhere? Or did I just coin it myself?

Travel is Therapy!

For as long I can remember, I wanted to travel anywhere and everywhere I could!

I wanted to travel more for nature and countryside then for the cities. Something about nature always leaves us speechless, heals our spirit and shows us that we don’t need to look too far for miracles!

Every tree is unique ever mountain has its own majesty! Every rock has its own character and formation. All are unique to itself, these are all miracles in plain sight.

I heard about the grand canyon in my first grade. I wasn’t a very bright student, but what was told to me about the place stayed on and my attention was totally drawn towards the Grand Canyon since then.

The GRAND CANYON National Park in Northern Arizona is one of the worlds greatest scenic treasures and natural wonder.

It is a marvel of creation that far exceeds the human imagination and a geological wonder with no rival on earth. Its one of America’s most popular western park where the name ‘GRAND’ is felt on all sides. Visited by the rest of the world to view its sweeping valleys and deep gorges and the awe-inspiring vastness. I was told that it measures over 270 miles in length and its widest point is close to 18 miles from South Rim to North Rim. In certain places you can go down to a depth of more than a mile.

Every shade of color can be seen within its vast magnitude which tends to shift constantly as the sun chooses to light it up during the course of the day.

Every rock formation and their shapes and details beckon you to take a closer look.

The Canyon is well protected by the National Park Trust so that its preserved for the future generations. Its been a home to native Apache Indians for ten thousands of years and a wild reserve to a large amount of wildlife and endangered species that are unique only to the Canyon.

The history and formation of the Canyon are as old as time itself.

For most visitors, the South Rim is the focal point of all the attraction. There are a plaza and a village with pieces of information centers that tell you the history and geological facts of the Canyon. You could choose to have guided tours which I personally would recommend or be on your own but within restricted zones so that you are out of danger.

There are signs and notice boards all along with what precautions need to be taken so that the visitor can have an exhilarating once in a lifetime experience. Its a dream vacation for hikers, walkers and photographers. They can engage in a 12-mile flat walk which has some spectacular sights in the world. I witnessed people of all nationalities and culture over here; from toddlers to seniors. Some even had walking sticks.

Transportation – For those who prefer the comfort of transportation, they can board shuttle buses that can take them on an 8-mile drive along the rim of the Canyon.

The Colorado River is visible from both East and West Rim of the Canyon and every angle it seems to change in shape and meander. For the brave-heart who are looking for an adrenaline burst, there are River Rafting excursions that put you directly in contact with the river where its intensity can be felt.

For me this trip can last from 3 days to 3 weeks with numerous camping sites along its picturesque banks. The Rivers 225 miles length will suit every taste and skill and leave a memorable experience in their hearts for ages.

Apart from this people can go trekking, horse-back riding, donkey rides, foot trails, hiking, overnight camping, paragliding, helicopter rides, skywalks (which is an experience in itself) and Bungee jumping.

No photograph can do any justice to what I have seen with my own eyes!

One should go and experience the scale and grandeur on their own.

The first time I set my glance on the Canyon was needless to see breath-taking! I was overwhelmed with the texture of the clouds and their shadows that danced up and down the cliff’s walls leaves you enchanted and hypnotized!

The sheer magnitude, the vastness just leaves you dumbfounded and in awe. Show how insignificant we are! I felt like a small kid trying desperately to capture the ambiance of the place in the best way I could. The Grand Canyon inspires with its incredible vistas to the Colorado river right at the bottom. It has been formed over millions of years and it’s as old as mother earth.

This natural phenomenon is ever changing calling out to the adventurers who want to reflect on their lives and renew their spirit. I have promised myself that I need to go there again and spend at least a fortnight if not a month in the Canyon and I definitely will.

Hope you like this Shalini!

Like ??? You mean love! I loved it.

I am not sure if I will ever make it to Canyon, but the pictures and the story made me live in the moment. As Tony mentioned he will be visiting Canyon I shall find out when and hide myself in this suitcase 😀

I want to hear more travel stories from Tony! If you want to hear as well you can write in the comment section.

Love from

Canyon, I mean Goa. Oh, actually Mumbai.



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